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Assemble Your Kitchen


Although all of us spend ample hours cooking, eating, drinking and entertaining in our kitchens, few of us have a good idea of what actually goes into building and setting up this essential room. We're usually involved in selecting the appliances that go into this space but it's rare that we take part in the actual installation of its skeleton. Local company UCAN, however, encourages homeowners to actually design and put together their own kitchen spaces and offers a range of DIY finishes, accessories and cupboards - everything from walk-in pantries to oven units - with parts available through selected Game stores. Customers can then download assembly and installation instructions from UCAN's website. To give homeowners an idea of how the building blocks of a kitchen are made, the business has put together this enlightening behind-the-scenes video that takes a look inside the UCAN factory. You can see the sort of attention to detail that goes into crafting each kitchen element before these puzzle pieces even reach your house. Watch and be inspired. Find out more about what the company does at

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