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Artists Redraw Kids’ Doodles

Grown-up creatives may have the skills and know-how, but no one abounds in imagination quite like kids do. Little ones have an incredible ability to conjure up all sorts of bizarre stories and creations that even the most ingenious adult would struggle to dream up on a good day. So naturally, when a US-based kickstarter initiative called The Monster Project asked adult artists to recreate children’s doodles, the result was just so wonderfully adorable and outlandish at the same time. Creatives from around the world were tasked with reinterpreting school children’s drawings of monsters in their own distinctive style. They had to retain the essence of the sketches, but add a higher level of detail and bring them to life in whatever medium suited their style. Aside from being a lot of fun and just amazing to look at, the project also has a deeper mission. ‘We hope to help children recognise the power of their own imaginations and to encourage them to pursue their creative potential,’ says The Monster Project website. And just imagine how inspiring it must be for these youngsters to see their imaginary creatures rendered real. This isn’t the first time that this sort of things has been done (IKEA, for example, has turned kids’ sketches into cute little plushies), but that doesn’t take any of the sweetness away from it – every pic is so different and so full of fun character. Here are a few of our favourite pairs. Head over to to see the rest and to support the kickstarter campaign if you feel inspired to.  

Artist: Elisa Ferro Artist: Elisa Ferro

Artist: Zoe Persico Artist: Zoe Persico

Artist: Ivan Blazetic Sumski Artist: Ivan Blazetic Sumski

Artist: Gianluca Maruotti Artist: Gianluca Maruotti

Artist: AJ Jefferies Artist: AJ Jefferies