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American Shutters introduce Gear Tilt security shutters

When the MacMillans were given the opportunity to include American Shutters in their home in Kalk Bay in Cape Town, they jumped at the chance. 'We have always loved the look of American Shutters and the quality is outstanding. The overall clean design of the shutters has worked exceptionally well and added immense value to our home,' they commented. 'By choosing the security shutters, we didn’t have to consider unsightly burglar bars, making the house all the more attractive, with the added peace of mind knowing that it is secure.' We chatted to Karina Palmer, interior designer for American Shutters, about the application of their new Gear Tilt security shutters in this seaside home. How did American Shutters make these security shutters a seamless addition to the house? Early involvement in the project enabled us to confirm certain key dimensions and achieve the best installation results, while recessed floor tracks were installed ahead of the floor finishes. We also gave a lot of thought to the positioning of doors and windows within the reveals to allow flush-fitting shutter installation. Why do these particular shutters suit this house in particular? The shutters suited the clients' requirement for security without negatively affecting the style of their home. Our range of security shutters closely resembles our timber shutters so they are perfectly suited to blend in well with the finesse of interior furnishings. Absence of tilt rods allows for better views through the louvres and a more stylish finished product that fits in well with interior elements. What makes your Gear Tilt security shutters perfect for seaside homes? Houses on the coast often have good views and the Gear Tilt allows for maximum view through the louvres. Powder-coated aluminium is the perfect material for seaside installations: there's no rusting, it's easy to clean, and it can handle the moisture- and salt-laden air well. What should people watch out for in shutter trends in 2018? Customers are getting more savvy and don’t want to sacrifice aesthetics to get the functionality they require. American Shutters' security range is designed to be a beautiful window or door dressing with the benefit of being a security barrier as well. How does American Shutters embrace different styles of home and interiors? Shutters blend well with most decor schemes, however we do offer different shutter styles to suit designs from traditional to contemporary. Our traditional styled shutters have a central tilt rod and our contemporary styled shutters, without tilt rods, deliver cleaner lines that suit minimalist and modern interiors. A choice of standard colours as well as bespoke colours and our wide choice of frames, from decorative to plain, further customises the design style. Visit for more information.