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8 fireplaces to warm your hearth (and heart) from our pinterest boards

fireplace Although fire has always (since the dawn of time, literally) been used for practicality, we're inviting you to step up the ante and consider these well-designed fireplaces for your home.

1. modernism meets country

fireplaces This fireplace is reflective of the owners' differing interests; he, a musician and Internet entrepreneur who wanted a modern white box and she, a yoga-practicing mid-wife who wanted a barn with animals. While the overall atmosphere is one of country-living, subtle hints such as the clean lines and modern, black mantle give it a contemporary touch.

2. inspired by antiquity

fireplaces In light of a design-driven world, French company Arkiane came up with the idea of a much more elaborate wall-mounted fireplace than we're used to. The butterly design of the Icoi fireplace was inspired by a god worshipped by the ancient Incas and even without a fascinating heritage it's a showstopper of a fireplace.

3. spatial divide

fireplaces This cut-out, almost floating fireplace creates spacial separation between two rooms without making them boxy. This also provides the benefit of getting two rooms heated rather than one.

4. environmentally friendly

fireplaces Not only is the Cocoon Terra fireplace by Beauty Fires well-designed (although there is something submarine-like about it), it is also environmentally-friendly. Bio-ethanol fuelled fireplaces have no smoke, so therefore no chimney needs to be installed, and they minimise energy resulting in more heat being kept inside the home.

5. bond, james bond

fireplaces There is something very 1960s James Bond about a suspended fireplace. And at the same time, something very futuristic. Ground this style with rustic furnishings.

6. slimmer's choice

fireplaces Slim and sleek, this fireplace is the 'size 6' of all fireplaces. Surrounding it is an almost overwhelming wall of warm wooded chevron panels - a pattern that will never go out of style.

7. roll around

fireplaces If you're struggling to find the right spot to place your new fireplace or you simply don't have the space for it, these ingenious design is what you need. Designed by Conmoto, the Roll Fire is basically a circular fireplace powered using bio-ethanol that can roll around the room - while burning.

8. native and natural

fireplaces The Tipi fireplace has a unique shape inspired by the tipis – hence the name – of Native American culture. A natural wood-burner the design is rustic but modernised with clean lines and a slender figure and will certainly bring a touch of desert-chic to your interior. Find more fiery winter warmers on our Pinterest board.