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8 design rules to creating a chic interior inspired by the french aesthetic

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There is a reason many people wish to emulate French style and design in their homes. Everything from the art on the walls to the details in the furniture are the epitome of effortless sophistication. If you're interested in making your home's interior look and feel like you are living in Paris, here're eight French design rules to live by.

1. respect the space

Whether you live in a modern building or an old, historic home, it's important to respect the space you're working in. French interior designers often work in heritage buildings that have interesting stories.  A+B Kasha, an interior architecture firm in Paris believes that good design brings together iconic character and elegance, all while being practical and luxurious.

2. mix things up

An interesting element of French design is the subtle mix-up of contemporary and classic elements. Be playful and combine decor features that seemingly don't belong together. Whether it be a sophisticated amalgamation of art from different eras or classic and quirky furnishings, this technique serves to makes the design look more natural and quintessentially French.

3. opt for bold and quirky art

Bring fun into your home with bold art and focal features: think large abstract paintings, black-and-white photography, sketches, or children’s illustrations. It creates light-heated juxtaposition for the more serious elements in your home.

4. don't try too hard

A standout reason why French style is so admired can be summed up in just one word: effortless. It's neither too curated nor too perfect. Keep things simple. Make use of sentimental items you have already, be it photographs, souvenirs from your travels or books.

5. embrace secondhand

Vintage and antique stores are your new BFFs. Expect the unexpected when treasuring for pieces that echo the covetable French aesthetic. Secondhand items have a history; an immediate French delight. You'll find an eclectic mix of objets and furnishings from different eras – combine these items with modern fixtures too for a layered decor scheme.

6. add a pop of colour

French heritage often alludes to white or neutral colours, but a newer and more modern approach is introducing a pop of colour – a statement wall, decorative items or bold furnishings.

7. don't trust trends

French style is timeless. When or after decorating your home, avoid refitting to meet the latest trend – your home is not a fashion show.

8. live like the French

Create an effortless space with functionality at its core. Build your style around the way you live, accommodating for the way you move, live and use a room in an easy, simple and classy way.