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8 Design Miami Ideas

Miami is buzzing more than usual as the design world convenes to show off some of its smartest and most stylish creations. Here are a few of our favourite ideas to come out of the show so far.

1. Cheese

Interior designers Adam Charlap Hyman and Andre Herrero pay homage to Giorgio DeLuca's very first boutique food store in SoHo, which was known as The Cheese Store and later grew into the renowned Dean & DeLuca, with this quirky installation. The exacting symmetry is achieved using wallpaper by Wallpaper Projects and the huge wheels of Gruyère, along with the mirrors in the background to create an eye-popping experience. 'I guess that Design Miami presents all the categories of the home and of your day-to-day life. You know, the best of each one. Conceptually, sort of, food falls into that, and Dean & DeLuca represents the best of food,' Hyman told Miami New Times.

We've rebranded Dean & DeLuca RATIONALIST @ch_herrero #milantrainstation #cheese

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2. Designer workouts

Gym bunnies eat your hearts out. Atelier Biagetti brings the bling with its gold punching bag and leather-clad dumb-bells in the name of 'taking sport to the next level', according to Alberto Biagetti himself. Of course, the punching bag has been dubbed the KO - short for 'knock out' - and the dumb-bell is officially known as Peso handweight. Rocky (aka Sylvester Stallone) himself was at the Design Miami installation eyeing up the KO.

Body building at #DesignMiami by Milan-based design duo @AlbertoBiagetti and @LauraBaldassari @secondomegallery ?

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3. Alternative building materials

Smooth, grey concrete has been a worldwide trend in 2015, so it follows that designer Quintus Kropholler has started exploring with a variation on this theme using tarmac - the gravel and tar mixture used to surface roads. Entitled Black Gold, the eight items are meant to highlight the dwindling petroleum supplies. 'It is everywhere, but since it is only regarded in purely functional terms, its potential remains unseen,' Kropholler notes in an interview with Dezeen. He goes on to say that the substance becomes 'beautiful' when it is used in other forms.

4. Student design collaboration

Design Miami also collaborated with Harvard Graduate School of Design to create this impressive installation. Known as UNBUILT, it brings foam models of over 200 actual concepts that have come from students at the prestigious design school, making it a pavilion of potential. 'Most people never work with architects or see how things get designed, so this exposes the inner struggle of getting to something that finally gets made,' Design Miami's Rodman Primack told T Magazine.

5. Portable leather couches

Louis Vuitton transforms homeware into something you've never seen before in its Objets Nomades concept. This lounge chair by designer Marcel Wanders is probably the smartest, most practical - yet stylish - version of this piece of furniture to come yet.

6. Design is in everything

Who ever thought to create design from several carefully timed clocks?
Clocks ticking away. #artbasel #artbaselmiami #designmiami #design #jewelrydesign #crystals #quartz A photo posted by Joanne Stone Design (@joannestonedesign) on

7. South African talent

Porky Hefer's Monstera Deliciosa Fiona Blackfish is currently at Design Miami and getting plenty of attention too. Read all about his thoughts behind these incredible creatures-cum-hanging-chairs in our article Porky's delicious monsters.
SA designer David Krynauw, winner of the 100% Design SA designer of the year, is at the show too with his Haywire Chandelier which happened to take him four years to develop. Initially made from timber, this version has got some copper additions and is truly a design triumph!

8. One billionth of the Sun

Ever wondered what the sun might look like if you could get up close and personal without burning to nothing? Well, Mexican designer Fernando Romero brought that thought to life with El Sol. Designed to be one billionth the size of the sun, this model makes use of 2 880 Swarovski's Aurora Borealis crystals (they're cut to be smooth on the top and prismatic beneath to refract light precisely), recordings of the sounds emitted from this burning orb and a sphere of LED lighting beneath so that the whole thing glows while you watch a video stream via NASA of the sun.