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6 tips for a total rental makeover

Breathing life into your rental property can be tricky. Unchangeable fixtures, cupboards and dreary walls tend to dampen one’s decorating options. And with your landlord’s strict limitations on what you can and cannot do, you may feel stuck within those four walls. Don’t let the lack of paint or interior options get you down. Property24 shares some ‘trouble-free’ tips on how to add colour and charisma to your rental property without ticking off the landlord.

When paint is not an option…

Consider removable wallpaper. Available at your paint or hardware stores, this easy-to-use alternative will spruce up any interior space, adding more personality to your home. Try some fashionable stripes or an accent wall. If your landlord’s frightened by the idea, then smaller wall decals are also a great option. NB13 Freedom Branch Image source:

Do some window dressing

Are you stuck with bland blinds that are an eye-sore and simply don’t fit your unique taste? Hide them behind some cheerful curtains that will liven up your space. Better yet, if the blinds are easily removable, unhook them and hang your beautiful curtains. bakoven-seamist Image source:

Lighter and brighter

Tired of starring at those stock-standard, bubble-shaped light fixtures? Visit your local goods market or a trendy second-hand store and purchase light fixtures that’ll add some spunk to your style, or search for great online deals. Either way, make sure that you factor in electrician costs if it comes to installing new fixtures, and don’t forget to hold onto the old light fixtures which will have to be replaced at the end of your lease. pexels-photo-179114

Create your own wall of fame

Arranging a beautiful mosaic of memories (in light-weight photo frames) or special art pieces on a plain wall can liven up your living area. Don’t forget to use adhesive plastic hooks to keep them all in place. Ben & Cat Photoshoot

Hide them under rugs

Hideous tiles, wall-to-wall carpets or laminate floors are the hardest things to deal with, but there’s nothing a few bold coloured, textured or patterned rugs can’t hide. Putting down a new rug can instantly transform an area and also keep your floors protected. Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Create a hot kitchen

Add a bit of ‘flavour’ to your kitchen by putting up some peel-and-stick tiles around your stove and countertop area, creating a glossy backsplash. The great thing about it is that you can easily peel them off when your lease is over. And if those door handles don’t match, swop them with cool knobs and handles of your choosing but don’t forget to keep the original ones so that you can replace them when you move out. peel-and-stick-mirror-tiles-self-adhesive-backsplash-tiles-contemporary-kitchen-ideas Image source: Minimalisti If all else fails, you always have the option of incorporating beautiful greenery into your space, adding some throw pillows, buying a statement piece of furniture or even painting an existing piece of furniture. For more lifestyle or rental advice, visit This post was sponsored by Property24.