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6 Essential DIY Tools


Planning a kitchen update? Re-tiling the bathroom? Fitting new cupboards in your bedroom? If you're in the market to get your hands dirty with some DIY work at home, here are six tools you should definitely have in your box.

claw hammer

This is an essential tool used primarily for knocking nails into or pulling nails out of another object. While it’s usually used with wood, it’s not limited to use with this material.
Hammer This anti-vibrating hammer from Stanley Black & Decker saves fingers from being squashed as nails can attach to a magnetic part of the head and therefore don't need to be manually held in place.

combination square

Need to make sure a room is perfectly perpendicularly laid out? This tool can help you with that. It’s made up of a steel rule and one or more interchangeable heads, with the most common being the square head, used to measure and check 90 and 45 degree angles.
combo-square The Stanley Die Cast combination square is hardy and rust-resistant and can also be used as a depth or height gauge and a spirit level.


This tool doesn't need an introduction. One of the most common of all DIY tools, a screwdriver is essential if you're going to be keeping anything in place with screws.
Screwdrivers Every screwdriver in this eight-piece set has a magnetic tip to make it easy to pick up and locate screws.

hammer drill

This nifty power drill is very useful especially if you need to drill into rock, stone, brick or concrete. It used a hammering action (a quick succession of thrusts) to crunch through material faster and with less effort.
HammerDrill This heavy-duty Black & Decker drill hammer has a great grip and lifespan and can be used to drill into wood, metal and plastic as well as masonry.


This is a slightly more artistic saw than most, which usually only cut in straight lines. The jigsaw tool can be used to cut curves, shapes and stenciled designs into wood, metal and other materials.
Jigsaw Among various other impressive features, the Fat Max jigsaw has a LED work light and a dust extraction facility.

detail sander

This tool is useful for sanding corners and small, narrow spaces. It uses a triangular piece of sandpaper attached to a vibrating head to smooth and rub down tight areas.
Sander The Black & Decker Mouse sander boasts a teardrop-shaped based that enables it to reach small areas and the sandpaper easily attaches via a Velcro system.

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