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5 Travel Essentials That Will Make Your Trip Easier

We curated a quick list of travel essentials that everyone should have to hand when getting on a plane or embarking on a long road trip.

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Travel Essentials | House and Leisure

Here at House and Leisure, we take great pride in curating local and international destination guides to help you get the most of your travels. From popular tourist spots in Europe to quirky shops in the Karoo, we try and find interesting places and experiences to fill your itinerary - all you have to do is look through our travel section, see what piques your interest and start planning your trip.

Regardless of where you choose to go, there are a few travel essentials everyone needs to make being away from home just that little bit easier – and even more fun. So, we curated a list of trave essentials everyone should have when getting on a plane or embarking on a long road trip. 

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Our Top 5 Travel Essentials

1. Smart Luggage

Travel Essentials | House and Leisure

Packing is never fun, and dealing with your clothes during a trip can be frustrating, particularly when you are trying to locate a specific item or keep your clean and dirty laundry separate.

The Suitcase Luggage Set from Cotton On has interiors that are divided into sections and labelled to help you organise your travel wardrobe. And there is a special section for dirty clothes. Plus, it's all on wheels, making it so much more more convenient. 

SHOP IT | Typo suitcase luggage set in Black and Rose Gold, R2000 | Cotton On

2. Compact Wash Bag 

Travel Essentials | House and Leisure

A small wash bag that you can carry in your hand luggage is a lifesaver when you have long layovers, and an absolute must-have when it comes to travel essentials. In our experience, simply washing your face or brushing your teeth can really revitalise you after hours of being in transit.

Added bonus: this elegant bag has two zip compartments, so you can keep some products separate from others. 

SHOP IT | Typo double zipper wash bag in Mid Tan, R300 | Cotton On
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3. Set of Travel Bottles

Travel Essentials | House and Leisure

Packing your regular-sized body lotion and shampoo into you suitcase can weigh you down. Rather decant them into these lightweight silicone bottles. It will lighten your load, plus you can squeeze every last bit of product out of them, so nothing goes to waste. 

SHOP IT | Typo silicone bottle travel sets in Blue Aeroplane and Black, R200 each | Cotton On

4. Neck Pillow & Eye Mask

Travel Essentials | House and Leisure

If you struggle to sleep while travelling, a good neck pillow and eye mask can help block out the world so you can get some proper shut-eye.

The pillow will also ensure that you don't wake up with an awkward crick in your neck, which can really ruin your mood. These two travel essentials will ensure that you arrive at your destination rested and ready for your adventure. 

SHOP IT | Typo neck pillow & eye mask set in Grey Marle Hibernating, R140 | Cotton On
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5. Travel Wallet

Travel Essentials | House and Leisure

Ensure that all your important documents are organised and accessible with the Odyssey Travel Compendium. This travel wallet has everything: compartments for your passport, boarding pass, cash, coins, cards and SIM cards. It also has RFID protection to give your cards a bit of extra security. 

SHOP IT | Typo RFID Odyssey travel compendium in Mid Tan, R300 | Cotton On