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5 remarkable vase looks that will liven up a room


Big or small, muted or bright, plain or patterned – vases are items that you'll find in virtually any space. Whether they are used for functional or decorative purposes, they've become an essential part of making a house feel like a home. We've curated five of the most beautiful, bold vase looks from our Pinterest boards to admire and inspire.

1. colour crew

vases Plain vases in solid hues can create a dynamic look when curated tastefully. This arrangement of different-shaped, -sized and coloured vases draw your eye across the space and makes a playful yet sophisticated vignette.

2. pattern power

vases Bold motifs are always a winner, especially when placed against a neutral backdrop that makes the vases the star of the show.

3. clear cut

On the flip side, a clear vase is the perfect tool to help you display items in a colourful, dynamic space. Here the vases are almost invisible, but still have a big impact in the space.

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4. matchy matchy

Finding vases – such as these textural ones – that match other elements in the room can really tie a space together. It helps create a sense of cohesion when contrasting or diverse pieces are grouped.

5. less is more

Simple yet striking, these vases fit in perfectly with the colour palette of this room. It's a great example of how less is sometimes more when it comes to decorating a space. For more decor inspiration, check out our Pinterest page.