5 Reasons You Need Unframed Ice Cream

On summer days, the only thing better than a refreshing cocktail is ice cream. Here are five reasons we'll be visiting Cape Town's recently opened Unframed.

Claire Gunn

As the winter frost melts to the back of our minds, the only thing on our minds is a summer holiday. And when you're spending long summer days beachside, the only thing better than a refreshing evening cocktail is an ice-cold ice cream cone. Here are five reasons we'll be visiting the recently opened Unframed Ice Cream this season.  

1. Vegan ice cream is very cool

Unframed | House and Leisure

Living that dairy-free life for the lactose intolerant and vegans among us has meant missing out on this cool summer treat. And on the balmiest days, resisting the pull of a cool, melty iced treat is almost criminal. For Unframed owner Yann Rey, creating cruelty-free flavours isn't a choice, it's a responsibility: 'Our decision to push vegan options is purely ethical,' he notes. 'I try not to eat meat every single day because I believe that we can do a better job collectively at relying less intensively on animal products. It’s about being more responsible about what we eat and being aware of the impact we have on our planet.'  

2. Ice cream makes you feel like a kid again

Unframed | House and Leisure

For the 10 minutes you spend savouring your next wafter cone at Unframed you're transported to your youth where sticky fingers were just another day in the park. All of a sudden your next meeting or deadline has melted away. 'There are no such things as being adult when eating ice cream,' laughs Yann. 'We are all kids with a cone in our hands. I am just a little bit more educated around the product than I used to be.'  

3. Flavour, flavour, flavour

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When it comes to artisanal ice cream, Yann isn't messing about. 'I dislike most of the ice cream out there. It's an industry where most people cut corners, and the vast majority of the ice cream today is a combination of a lot of sugar, palm oil, artificial flavors, artificial colours and a lot of air,' he says. The flavours coming out of Unframed sound anything but artificial: vegan matcha tea, sea salt chocolate, Nuttrikrust, raspberry sorbet...'I really appreciate more complex and elegant flavors – like our Vegan Jasmine rice lemongrass for instance, you first get a nice flavor of Jasmine tea and infused rice, and later, you get a subtle and fresh after-taste of lemongrass. Beautiful.'  

4. Unframed is an 'ice-cream gallery'

Unframed | House and Leisure

Unframed isn't a parlour so much as an ice-cream laboratory, or, as Yann calls it, an ice-cream gallery, and we like the idea of putting these decadent flavours on showcase for the whole of Cape Town to admire. But there's a science to what Yann's bringing to the city: 'Recipes are engineered between France and Cape Town. Our Head of Product and Ice Cream Jedi [Stephane Auge, recipient of the Meilleur Ouvrier De France award for ice cream] is based in France,' he explains. 'We work together on flavour profiles, and making sure our textures and temperature are on point. Everything is made in our lab at the back of our shop on Kloof Street, from scratch, with real food.'  

5. Sprinkles and toppings

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Can an artisanal ice cream be an artisanal ice cream without artisanal sprinkles? We think not. At Unframed you can opt for uber hip toppings such as organic raw white mulberries and raw date caramel, plus a praline swirl that will have you swooning. 'Ice cream should be consumed on a daily basis,' Yann insists. 'Who doesn’t want to be happy every day?' With Unframed on the doorstep of inner city Capetonians, happiness is just an organic, raw, vegan scoop away. Find Unframed Ice Cream at 45C Kloof Street. Follow them on Instagram, Facebook or visit for more.   Save