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5 Minutes With Interior Designer Heather Boting

We chat to up-and-coming interior designer Heather Boting about her career thus far, and she reveals how to quickly and effectively update your interiors.


Heather Boting | House and Leisure

Since beginning her career in 2010 as House and Leisure's decor stylist, Heather Boting has added interior designer and entrepreneur to her credentials, founding her eponymous interior design studio Heather Boting Interior Styling and Visual Consultancy in Johannesburg. We sat down with Heather to find out more about her company, her background and her life as an interior designer.

5 Minutes with Heather Boting

Tell us a bit about what your eponymous interior design company, Heather Boting Interior Styling and Visual Consultancy, does?

My boutique consultancy specialises in three areas of the interior design field: 

1. A full turn key interior design approach to residential and corporate spaces. 

2. Styling of your home and making your space magazine-worthy. 

3. An online e-decorating service which allows clients from around the country to implement their own makeover with a supplied moodboard, floor plan and shopping list. 

I hope to use my classic contemporary style to make an impact on many residential and commercial projects across Gauteng and Cape Town.

How did you get into the field of interior design?

After growing up in a creative family, it was no surprise that I joined the decor and design world, as I’ve always had a love for beautiful products and things.

I’ve really enjoyed the organic trajectory of my career path thus far. I graduated with a BA in Visual Arts and Communications from AAA School of Advertising. My interest in magazines saw me interning, then moving to Joburg to start my career as a decor stylist at an interiors publication. [We're proud to say that Heather is an alumnus of House and Leisure! – Ed.] 

The five years spent in the South African interiors sector of magazines is where my love and passion for interior design further developed. While I didn’t formally study interior design, I completed the Vogue Intensive Summer Course in London and came back to South Africa to open my interior design business, Heather Boting Interior Styling and Visual Consultancy

What does a typical day in the life of your business entail?

I’m in my third year of business and my day still comprises a lot of juggling around. But ultimately, I like to break it up into two parts. Regardless of the day's plans, I’ll always start my day with a cup of coffee, my favourite being a double short latte from Seattle Coffee Company. The first half of the day starts with various meetings at clients' homes or suppliers, and making sure my various items are all on track with orders. By lunchtime, I like to go back to my office and sit down to do emails, admin and placing of orders. A few hours could also be spent on creating moodboards and quoting. 

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Heather Boting | House and Leisure

What’s been the highlight of your work in interiors to date?

Being selected for the 2018 Design Joburg Colab spaces and collaborating with some of the country’s most beautiful products and talented designers. I’m also continuously grateful for all the media articles and inclusions published locally to date.  

Heather Boting | House and Leisure

And what’s the toughest part of running your own business?

I suppose the many hats and roles that you have to wear when you own your own business. Money, time, and energy are just a few of the key resources I put into running my company, and all decisions and mistakes fall on me personally at the end of the day. Because of the personal investment, sacrifice and risk involved in running Heather Boting Interior Styling and Visual Consultancy, I do still find it tough to find a work-life balance.

Heather Boting | House and Leisure

What are your favourite international destinations for design inspiration, and why?

A recent trip to the United Arab Emirates blew me away in terms of the boom in construction and architectural innovation. The impeccable attention to detail and design was very inspiring from an interior perspective. And Europe will always have a piece of my heart, with Paris being a particular favourite.

What’s the quickest or easiest way to update a home’s interiors?

I always start with the smalls and accessories of the home for a quick and effective update. I would start by removing all the accessories in a space or particular room. Then start fresh by rearranging and editing your old and new items into modern vignettes. Painting an accent wall in your room is also a very effective way to update your home. 

Heather Boting | House and Leisure

Who is your favourite local architect?

I really indulge in the sheer scale and vision of the dynamic architect Stefan Antoni and his team at SAOTA. And in Johannesburg, I admire Joe van Rooyen from JVR Architects and his impeccable heritage home projects.  

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Which are your favourite rooms in your own home, and why?

During the summer months, I can’t get enough of the hours spent indoors and outdoors in my lounge and patio. The coolness created by my evergreen garden and opening up  all the doors gives me great joy. And now, as winter approaches, I find myself revelling in the last rays of sunshine in my bedroom, where I spend a few moments of quiet as I watch the magical sunsets.  

If money were no object, what piece of design or art would you treat yourself to?

I think I would treat myself to art. A large William Kentridge or a classic and nostalgic landscape by JH Pierneef.

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Find out more about Heather Boting Interior Styling and Visual Consultancy here.