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5 Dining Tables We Love



Dining tables are more than just a trusted surface: they play a central role in most mealtimes. Family and friends gather around, share a meal and enjoy each other's company. This is amplified over special occasions such as holiday feasts, birthday dinners and other special gatherings where memories are made. The houses we showcase in House and Leisure feature some exquisite dining tables. We've rounded up five of our favourites from these homes.

1. Mid-century Modern Dining Table from Our House

Photo Sarah de Pina


This elegant mid-century modern dining table is found in the home of Lezanne Viviers, creative director of the iconic Marianne Fassler label. Sold at Our House in Melville, its classic design may be a contrast to colourful and quirky art on the walls, but it manages to tie the room together nicely.

2. French Oak Dining Table by Pierre Cronje

Photo Greg Cox/Bureaux


Round tables have a more intimate feel as they encourage closeness and conversation. This round French oak dining table by Pierre Cronje is in the Clifton home of architect Jan-Heyn Vorster and his partner Pieter Bruwer. The table is elevated with its sleek design and unusual legs that are joined together.

3. Dining Table by Architect Ian McLennan

Photo Elsa Young


This simple yet striking dining table is found inside the mid-century house of iconic sculptor Edoardo Villa, and was designed for Villa by his close friend and the house’s architect, Ian McLennan. Pieces that have a story behind them always add to their charm.

4. Black Oak Dining Table by James Mudge

Photo Micky Hoyle


Interior designer Etienne Hanekom's favourite space in his home is the dining room, and it's easy to see why. This dramatic black oak dining table by James Mudge blends in perfectly with the rest of the room and allows elements like the sunshine-yellow chairs and tropical wallpaper to really pop against their darker backdrop.

5. Grand Dining Table by Ligne Roset

Big gatherings call for stately banquet tables, and this grand 16-seater by Ligne Roset ensures there is plenty of space for a large dinner party. Found in gallerist Liza Essers' home, this farm-style table is a classic design that works well with the contemporary chairs that surround it.