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5 delicious dishes inspired by street food in jhb and ct

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  The Street Food Festival is all set to hit Joburg and Cape Town next week. From the 31st of August to the 9th of September you can enjoy a whole range of food experiences leading up to the two big market weekends, where you can indulge in street food in every shape and form. If you're looking for more than just the market experience, this year, Studio H, the organisers of the festival, have teamed up with a host of restaurants in both Cape Town and Joburg to create a Street Food Festival Snack Map. Participating eateries have created limited-edition offerings inspired by street food. The House and Leisure team got sample a few of these delicious morsels, and this is what we thought.


The Whippet The not-so-little coffee shop that catapulted Linden's 7th Street into culinary stardom delivers a typically quirky re-imagining of the standard burger for the Joburg version of the annual Street Food Festival. Atop a coconut-milk-boiled, lime- and chilli-infused jasmine rice 'bun', Whippet chef and co-owner Ofentse Morake carefully layers a fresh kimchi-inspired coleslaw and slowly sautéed exotic mushroom mixture. It's a little spicy, rice-y and super tasty. Ono Eatery Fresh and exotic flavours bring a welcome spring flavour from the Ono Eatery in Illovo. For this year's Street Food Festival, the eatery created a special bowl of prawn, avocado, fresh carrot, radish, green beans and roasted nuts on a base of rice, which creates a dish full of texture, but sufficiently juicy with the addition of a spicy sriracha dressing.

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Clarke's Bar & Dining Room When you think of burgers at Clarke's, you think of their thick grass-fed beef burger, topped with Underberger cheese on their homemade buns. But now you can try a different burger that is just as delicious, thanks to their Street Food Festival offering. The chicken 'sandwich' is a baby burger packed with a whole lot of flavour. A crispy battered chicken burger sits on a delicious slaw that is dressed in an incredible aioli. These are served in great containers that you can easily eat from while you roam the streets. They will also be serving up two types of fries that you can add on to your sandwich. Choose from twice-fried fries served with aioli or cheese fries served with ragu. Hokey Pokey  Poke bowls are becoming a favourite on the food scene, and Hokey Poke have been at the forefront of this as the first stand-alone restaurant specialising in the dish in the Mother City. They have created a bowl called Crispy Paradise, made in the style of an authentic Hawaiian poke bowl. It consists of tuna marinated in the Hokey Poke house soy sauce, coconut, sweet sunrise grapefruit, mint avo and, best of all, tempura shallots. The texture in the dish is remarkable and the flavours work together perfectly. The coconut and tempura shallots create the crunch, while grapefruit adds a playful and refreshing touch of flavour that elevates the dish from regular poke bowls. Max's Bagels  In New York, grabbing a bagel in the street is the norm. In London, after a few pints at the pub, you have to grab a kebab. These are two iconic street foods, and serve as the inspiration behind Max's Bagels Kabagel: a bagel filled with roast lamb, tzatziki, hummus, cabbage salad, roasted aubergine and pickled onion. This is topped with a sweet hot pickle, and it is pure perfection. Participating restaurants on the Street Food Festival Snack Map include:  JHB:  ONO Eatery | The Whippet | Saigon Suzy | Baha Taco | Post, Breakfast, Lunch CPT: The General Store | The House of Machines | Max Bagels | Clarke's Bar & Dining Room | Hokey Poke | The Raptor Room | Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants For more information on more Street Food Festival events check our their website.