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4 small space tips for collectaholics

Greg Cox <strong>Styling</strong>Jeanne Botes

Indulging your hoarding habit while living in a tiny apartment can lead to a home that feels cluttered, if not claustrophic. But if you love collecting beautiful things, how do you find a happy medium? These essential rules will help you to keep your space looking curated and cool, while satisfying your inner squirrel:

be picky

Ask yourself this one question: Do I really, really need this in my space? Be brave and clear out as many of the dust-collectors as you can. Still, a few items of sentimental value won't hurt, as long as you've got designated spots for each. Give pride of place to the things that truly add visual interest.

give each room a theme

Decide on what mood you want the room to have and then let that guide you when selecting the items you want to feature in it. If a specific item doesn't fit that theme, then set it aside until you find the right spot.

let the light in

According to Pam du Toit, who is the proud owner of a chic-shack apartment we featured in our March issue (on shelves now), removing doors can help to enhance the general flow of your small space and help separate rooms to feel less cluttered. It's also important to ensure that your rooms have good lighting as this helps to create a sense of space and flow. If you’re lacking natural light, invest in a few well-placed lamps.
pamdutoit600 Freestanding shelves replaced the kitchen cupboards to add space and light in Pam du Toit's kitchen. 'Keep a small kitchen organised and all your items well placed,' advises Pam.

allocate a place for everything

Consider each item in your home and assign it to a drawer, corner or cupboard. The more you store away, the more space you’ll seem to have. 'Utilise every bit of space possible,' says Pam du Toit. And think outside the box, whether it's a hollow ottoman, the space under the bed or even using stylish boxes as side tables, there is always a way to make space. Read about collectaholic designer Pam du Toit's space-efficient domain in HL's March 2016 issue.