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4 Heavenly Hammocks

Image by Greg Cox; Styling by Jeanne Botes Hammock Day (22 July) is a celebration of this luxury item, which is associated with summer and easy living. The hammock originated with the island natives of the West Indies, and was later adopted by sailors on ships for their effect of counterbalancing rough swells while trying to sleep. Nowadays, they're linked in most people's minds with the notion of lazing on tropical beach. In honour of the occasion, we're sharing some of our favourite local creations.

Cotton Macrame Hammock

heavenly-hammocks Image credit:

This is the quintessential design for a hammock, made of 100% cotton and channeling an island-style feel. We could easily be sipping cocktails whilst swinging carefree on this beauty.

The Bonsai Cacoon

bonsai-cacoon Image

The Bonsai Cacoon can be purchased in all colours and sizes, but we particularly love it as a feature in a kids' bedroom or playroom. This tipi-inspired product may not look like your traditional hammock, but it is both comfortable and functional.

The Luna Pod

mobelli-luna-pod The Luna Pod is a modern hanging chair that would be suited to any contemporary environment. This dolphin-grey wicker chair comes with a deep-buttoned cushion and exudes style and easygoing comfort.

The Wheel

the-wheel-studio-stirling Image Credit:

Studio Sterling produces beautiful welded swing chairs, which are art pieces in their own right. We love the wheel chair  because of its unique approach to hammock designs. The wheel could be suspended in any garden or living room and set to be a harmonious feature.     Save Save Save