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4 contemporary flooring trends that will transform your home

Flooring Trends Fall in love with your floors – again and again – by updating them with one of these modish contemporary flooring trends.

1. colour

Incorporate new shades into your interior using innovative finishes, such as stained wood, pigmented concrete or even faux grass in vibrant tones. Flooring TrendsFlooring Trends

2. texture

Don't underestimate the importance of tactile elements in modern surfaces. Fresh takes on stone, timber, tiles an carpets can transform a room in an instant. Flooring Trends Flooring Trends

3. pattern

Personalising your home can be as easy as combining a neutral palette with floors in intricate prints, graphic motifs or monochrome designs. Flooring Trends Flooring Trends

4. shape

For added dimension, go for eye-catching shapes in the form of intersecting lines, on- trend hexagonal and intriguing 3D tiles. Flooring TrendsFlooring trends