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4 Art and Design PokéStops in Cape Town

There's been a health rejuvenation in the offices of HL: staffers are enthusiastically offering to go on coffee runs, sourcing items for shoots (on foot) and walking to and from work – in heels! No, this isn't an effort to accumulate Discovery Vitality points (although we like to think of that as added value), we've been catching 'em all. Instead of taking an afternoon walk to admire the sunset, we're staring determinedly at our phones, trying to trap a Clefairy, Eevee or Psyduck. Pokémon GO is really, really addictive (learn more about it here), so in order to enjoy the real world with friends and the real world with Pokémon, we've put together a handy guide to the best Cape Town PokéStops where you're able to both socialise and catch 'em all. You're welcome.

For modern art appreciators

Pokemon Go Brett Murray Image:

Our journey starts at St Georges Mall, where PoGo players will be gathering around Brett Murray's popular sculpture 'Africa'. It's an important public piece in Cape Town by one of the country's most controversial artists, and at three-metres tall, cast in bronze, it's not easily ignored. Perhaps Murray's comment on Western culture and African identity becomes even more prominent with the appearance of a Pokémon nearby.

For garden lovers

Company Garden Pokemon Go After a quick stroll from St Georges Mall to the Company's Garden, it's time to grab a cup of coffee - and all the Pokémon. Company's Garden in the city centre is a hub of Pokémon activity, complete with a gym and various PokéStops. Plus you can stop in at the Company's Garden Restaurant for a healthy and scrumptious breakfast – and maybe a lie down in Porky Hefer's Nest, because you'll need energy for the PokéStops ahead.

For contemporary design aficionados

After stocking up on supplies – and filling up your Pokédex – at the gardens, it's off to Truth Coffee, where you're transported to another time by the steampunk interiors, conceptualised by lauded designer Haldane Martin, for which he received a Gold Loerie award. Get your coffee fix, and maybe a croissant, while you scan the space for available creatures.

For street mural (and street food) fans

image1 Saturday lunchtime calls for street food and where better to get your smokey pulled pork roll or ribs fix than at Lefty's? On the way there make sure to stop at the graphic mural wall on Harrington Street, where you can stock up on Pokéballs.     Save Save Save Save Save Save