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#21DaysofTrends: Which Colour of the Year is Your Favourite?

From Ravine 62 and Cavern Clay to Living Coral and Rich Ochre, we consider the contenders for Colour of the Year in 2019.

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‘All the colours, see the colours/Feel the colours…’ sings Beck on his 2017 album Colours. And of course, colour is all about emotions and evoking feeling. Plus, anyone who’s ever visited a paint store can attest to the fact that seeing – and more so, feeling – the sheer enormity of the range of colour options out there can be an overwhelming experience. Consider white walls, for example... then reel at the notion that there are literally hundreds of different shades of white available, from which you need to choose the single one that’s perfect for your space. Which is why the various announcements of the world’s Colour of the Year contenders can be useful: they help cut through the colour confusion by setting benchmarks and defining trends. At the very least, checking out these options will make what you feel about particular colours very clear to you. (Remember, there’s no reason for you to paint your entire home in one of these shades… as everyone always says, you can experiment with a scatter cushion or a vase in one of these key tones to dip a toe in the trend…) 

Without further ado, then, here’s a roundup of the colours we’ve seen called out as Colour of the Year options for 2019 – plus a punchy suggestion we dreamed up ourselves.

The 2019 Colour of the Year contenders

Colour of the Year 2019 | House and Leisure

Dulux Crème Brûlée

A surprisingly versatile shade, Dulux’s Crème Brûlée will appeal to all those looking to add a bit of earthy warmth to their interiors. ‘This warm amber shade has been chosen to reflect a new mood of positivity and optimism – a desire to “let the light in”,’ says the brand of its choice for Colour of the Year. And we could all do with a bit more optimism, that’s for sure. Dulux feels that the shade goes especially well with muted, dusty pastels, and it definitely works to offset deep maroon and ochre, too.

Colour of the Year 2019 | House and Leisure

Plascon Ravine 62

With years of setting trends in interior colours behind the brand, Plascon is a reliable source of inspirational ideas when it comes to ‘throwing shades’ in your home. For 2019, their top pick for a neutral shade for interior use is the new Ravine 62, a soft grey that Plascon accurately describes as ‘soothing’ and ‘an artful blend of beige and grey’. We think it’s a brilliant option for those loathe to leave their beloved grey tones behind completely, but who are nevertheless looking to add just the lightest touch of warmth to their space.

Colour of the Year 2019 | House and Leisure

Pantone Living Coral

The biggest Colour of the Year announcement of the year always comes from international colour masters Pantone, who this year succeeded in pleasing just about everyone with their choice, Living Coral 16-1546. Ultrabright and playful, it’s a colour that Pantone rightfully describes as ‘sociable and spirited’. We think they’re also correct in suggesting that it ‘embodies our desire for playful expression’. And if you’ve been a longtime fan of Millennial pink and are in search of something that’s the next-gen version of that shade, Living Coral might be what you’re looking for.  

Colour of the Year 2019 | House and Leisure

Sherwin-Williams Cavern Clay

US-based paint manufacturers Sherwin-Williams chose Cavern Clay as their top trend pick for 2019. A deep terracotta, it’s also one of the bolder shades we’ve seen selected as key for the year. Director of colour marketing for the brand, Sue Wadden, suggests that the Cavern Clay is a reflection of a general turn towards the 1970s in decor and design, and adds that overall, the colour is all about ‘renewal, simplicity and free-spirited, bohemian flair’. 

Colour of the Year 2019 | House and Leisure

Benjamin Moore Metropolitan AF-690

If you still yearn for a cool shade of grey in your space, look no further than Metropolitan AF-690, which is by another US paint manufacturer, Benjamin Moore. Supremely elegant, this silvery colour is incredibly versatile and will work beautifully to offset both traditional and contemporary interiors. 

Colour of the Year 2019 | House and Leisure

Rich Ochre

We still love grey tones, and enjoy the boldness of Living Coral for highlights and decor accessories. And we’re intrigued by the milky-coffee-to-terracotta hues that are appearing on trends lists too. But the shade we think is also worth considering this year is a rich ochre – or deep mustard, for those more inspired by foodie references… it works beautifully on a statement wall, as seen in this Green Point cottage, and for accessories such as scatter cushions or table lamps, adding a touch of confidence and sunny optimism that we’re really enjoying right now. 

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