#21DaysofTrends: Skinny Candlesticks

Skinny candlesticks with modern sleek designs are making a statement whether grouped on a dining room table or on their own on a server.

Karl Rogers. Supplied

Nothing says sophistication like long, sleek, tapered candles displayed in beautiful skinny candlesticks. There is something very luxurious and relaxing about a candlestick burning, especially when from up high, with its dancing flame reflected in gleaming brass and casting an alluring shadow. In our 2019 Trends Issue, we noticed two definite contrasting decor directions: monastic and hedonistic. And since skinny candlesticks are reminiscent of those found adorning an altar, with sleek silhouettes and modern designs that are worthy of worship, it's very clear that they fall into monastic territory.

While mass-produced candles are cheaply and readily available, it's worth spending a little more on high-quality offerings. You can't put a price on good craftsmanship and materials, and since the essential oils used in good luxury scented candles is more than in a bottle of eau de parfum, it's only natural that their prices are slightly higher. As for longevity, it's all about the wax used. Beeswax is believed to be the slowest-burning, while soy wax candles actually burn quite fast, especially when compared to parraffin wax candles. 

As for our wax preference, we really love these long skinny paraffin wax candles that are handmade by a small family business in Denmark. They are available in numerous colours, from green, black and saffron to even pale pink. Shop them along with our favourite candlesticks on the HL Shop. Simply browse the products below, click on the links and get shopping!

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#21DaysofTrends: Skinny Candlesticks | House and Leisure
SHOP IT | Skinny Paraffin Wax Candles | R399 (for 4), The Storer
#21DaysofTrends: Skinny Candlesticks | House and Leisure
SHOP IT |  Nattlight Candlesticks by Skultana | R3 100 (small; 28cm), R3 300 (medium; 36cm), R3 899 (large; 40cm), Esque 
candlesticks house and leisure
SHOP IT | Solid Brass Candleholders | From R1 200 each, LIM
#21DaysofTrends: Skinny Candlesticks | House and Leisure
SHOP IT |  Advent Nattlight Candleholders by Skultana | R3 999, Esque
#21DaysofTrends: Skinny Candlesticks | House and Leisure
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