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#21DaysofTrends: HL Editor Tiaan Nagel Introduces the Trends Issue

Why this year's trend report is better than ever.

Karl Rogers; Supplied

#21DaysofTrends: HL Editor Tiaan Nagel Introduces the Trends Issue | House and Leisure

For me, prepping for the House and Leisure Trends issue remains one of my highlights on the editorial calendar. This year, we turned the whole process on its head. Unlike previous years, where we featured a trend report over eight to 10 pages in the magazine, this time the entire issue is dedicated to our trends list, from the very first editorial page to the last Style Profile with Linda Gieskes-Mwamba. On top of that, we unpack 21 micro trends online. 


When compiling this Trends Issue, I quickly realised there are two contrasting decor directions: monastic and hedonistic. 


#21DaysofTrends: HL Editor Tiaan Nagel Introduces the Trends Issue | House and Leisure

This approach requires lots of neutrals layered with different types of wood in one large, relatively empty space. Rose Uniacke and Axel Vervoordt champion these types of room settings best with carefully selected pieces and objects that tell a story. But don’t be fooled by this effortless look and think it can be done cheaply. This aesthetic requires really good fabric choices that will last, leather couches that will mould to your body over time, and wooden furniture pieces that can be passed on to future generations – it’s about provenance and longevity.

On the flip side of this is not to have a place that feels like a dusty museum – my favourite example of how this look can have a sense of modernity is the spectacular farm house of Karen Roos at Babylonstoren, near Franschoek.


#21DaysofTrends: HL Editor Tiaan Nagel Introduces the Trends Issue | House and Leisure

This style represents a more daring and risqué approach that suggests a more subversive take on traditional interiors. It's not about being subtle: think vibrant colours and bold statement pieces mixed together with a sense of humour. Why not combine your study and bedroom and convert your shoe closet into a library, or cover your modular '70s-inspired sofa in bright red velvet and pair it with a gilded Rococo mirror? A good example of a space that embraces this more adventurous look is interior designers Jacques Bec and Artur Miranda's eclectic home in Porto.

This extreme visual direction that runs throughout the Trends Issue reminds me of one of my favourite collaborations: Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe’s Barcelona performance. 

Also, check out our daily micro trend report on our social feeds during the month of March to discover all the trends you need to know for 2019. 

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