#21DaysofTrends: Colourful Perspex

Loved by designers like Philippe Starck and Patricia Urquiola for its unique aesthetic and versatile nature, Perspex is a material that knows no bounds.


Who would've thought that a transparent plastic developed in 1843 that was originally used in submarine periscopes and for the windscreens of fighter jets is now the material of choice for iconic designers worldwide? From Philippe Starck's Ghost chair to Tokujin Yoshioka's Invisible table and Patricia Urquiola's Jellies Family of bowls and vessels, Kartell has been heralded as the brand that kept the Perspex look cool and not kitsch. Unfortunately, its designer products do come with a hefty price tag, but luckily, there are less-expensive Perspex alternatives available all over - including in the House and Leisure Shop. Simply scroll down, click on the links and get shopping!

Shop These Perspex Pieces for the Bedroom

#21DaysofTrends: Colourful Perspex | House and Leisure
SHOP IT | Air Du Temps Clocks by Eugeni Quitllet for Kartell
R1 596 each, Sedie design 
#21DaysofTrends: Colourful Perspex | House and Leisure
SHOP IT | Perspex Vases | R1 090 (3 hole), LIM 



These alarm clocks by Kartell are statement and timeless pieces. Keep it miminal with black or white, try red for a pop of colour or go for gold to get a luxurious feel. Alternatively, embrace the monastic trend with these stylish single-stem vases, available in single to three-hole pieces. They'll make a lovely addition to a server, bookshelf or even a bedside table. 

Shop these Perspex Chairs for the Kitchen

#21DaysofTrends: Colourful Perspex | House and Leisure
SHOP IT | Blue Transparent Kitchen Stool | R438, Chair Crazy
#21DaysofTrends: Colourful Perspex | House and Leisure
SHOP IT | Smokey Grey Transparent Bar Chair
R1 048, Chair Crazy

These versatile chairs are a great way to add a colourful modern element to your kitchen. Place the blue stool at the kitchen table or even use it as a side table to stack magazines on. The taller bar chair is perfect for a higher counter, and its grey hue will work well with white interiors. 

Shop these Perspex Accessories for Outdoor Entertaining

#21DaysofTrends: Colourful Perspex | House and Leisure
SHOP IT | Round Outdoor Jug in Indigo | R125, Woolworths
#21DaysofTrends: Colourful Perspex | House and Leisure
SHOP IT | Plastic Diamond Swirl Wine Glass in Baby Pink | R30, MRP Home 

Avoid accidental breakages and glass shards when entertaining outdoors by using Perspex pieces that are as pretty as they are practical.

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