#21Days of Trends: Creatively Consolidating your Hobby Room

In 2019, it's time to consider a dedicated hobby room in which you leave mobiles, TVs and tablets behind and rediscover your creative side.

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Creatively Consolidating your Hobby Room | House and Leisure

Living in a fast-paced, digitally obsessed world means it's easy to lose touch with our imaginations and our ability to express ourselves creatively. Enter: the hobby. Yes, that old thing. A movement away from mobiles, TVs and tablets and a centering instead on unstructured expression; the simple joy of 'getting your hands dirty'. It's a collective return to traditional arts and crafts – with a hobby room in your home dedicated to rediscovering this.   

From garden rooms to carpentry nooks, the hobby room is a space to break away from regular household tasks and the noise of everyday life. Be it a man cave or a she shed, the hobby room is our attempt to forego technology for an hour or three, and instead commit that time to exploring our favourite pasttime. Maybe for you it’s a workshop, a sewing room, a writer’s den, a games room or an art or scrapbooking studio. And even if you don't have the luxury of space in the form of a separate hobby room, take on the trend by maximising and organising the space you do have.

Creatively Consolidating your Hobby Room | House and LeisureCreatively Consolidating your Hobby Room | House and Leisure

5 Ways to Make Your Own Hobby Room 

1. Utilise Available Space 

Instead of having a guest room that's only occupied a few times a year, consider using this space more efficiently. Take over a wall with floor-to-ceiling shelving, and install a fold-out desk for a nifty work surface. 

Creatively Consolidating your Hobby Room | House and Leisure

2. Focus on Function

Although the intent of your hobby room is to enable unsolicited expression, use the space wisely so as to optimise its function. Sort and group similar items together using labelled drawers, cabinets in varying sizes and floating shelving. For additional organisation – that is also a great way to display completed projects or images that inspire you – install wooden shelves over the worktable. 

Creatively Consolidating your Hobby Room | House and Leisure

3. Make it Pretty

Design a sanctuary that's a true reflection of you; a dedicated space that's flooded with natural light and holds all your favourite things. Think of it as your three-dimensional mood board. Feel free to explore different shapes, materials, colours and textures as you curate your creative vision. The bold, accent wall or velvet chaise longue you've always wanted can now become a reality. 

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Creatively Consolidating your Hobby Room | House and Leisure

4. Consider a Creative Cabinet

If you can't repurpose a closet or part of an office for your craft space, consider at least taking over a cabinet or shelving unit in another area of your home and use what available space you do have as additional storage. Beautiful woven baskets and easy-to-access drawers look the part and hold all sorts of supplies too. 

Creatively Consolidating your Hobby Room | House and Leisure

5. Add Some Greenery

On the installed shelving or available surfaces, grow and tend to your new Chinese money plant and mistletoe cactus. A creative space allows you to flex your green thumb and is the ideal chance to shift focus and inspiration. Terracotta pots and colourful planters add to the atmosphere too: find more inspiration on our indoor plants page on Pinterest.

Creatively Consolidating your Hobby Room | House and Leisure