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20 lighting designs we love


A new pendant light, standing lamp or chandelier is often the final touch a room needs to feel fresh and look unified and inviting, and these days there's a myriad of statement-making designs out there. We've chosen 20 lights we currently love, and we went a bit wild with our selection, including classic, contemporary, quirky and artistic options.

1_4 1. Organic Wire Pendant R2 995, Weylandts. 2. Wire and Wood, Black Metal Pendant R1 015, K. Light. 3. Dome Metal Pendant with a wood grain R3 017, K. Light. 4. Two-tone Brass Pendant R1 995, Weylandts.

5 5. Iron Hanging Lamp, Antoinette Black R2 800, La Grange.

6 6. Big Bang Suspension Lamp R12 105, Créma Design.

7_10 7. Black Wall Lamp by Glasgow R4600, La Grange. 8. Arco Lamp with Marble Base and Copper by Illumina R1 099, 9. Cloche Table Lamp R5 478, Créma Design. 10. Baila Chandelier R14 500, La Grange.

11_13 11. Glow Table Lamp R695, Weylandts. 12. Mushroom Table Lamp R1 495, Weylandts. 13. Cosy in Grey Table Lamp R5 757, Créma Design.

14 14. Lee Broom Table Lamp R5 094 each, Créma Design.

15 15. Vasco Billiard Hanging Lamp R19 995, La Grange.

16_17 16. Large Glass Teardrop Pendant R1 995, Weylandts. 17. Ritz Chandelier made of glass and iron R24 995, Weylandts.

18 18. Simple Wall Light by Nolden Brothers R399,

19 19. Crane Table Lamp by Nolden Brothers R699,

20 20. Sobeit Studio Tripod Light R4 329,

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