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11 Home resolutions


You might not like the idea of New Year's resolutions, but you know what will? Your home. And you'll enjoy spending time in it once you've achieved the goals you set out for it. A harmonious living space will also help you achieve the goals you set for the rest of your life since you'll have one less thing to worry about and a space to relax in to boot. Not sure where to start? That's no excuse! Here are 11 inspired decor, interior and garden resolutions that will help you reinvent your space.

1. declutter

It's easy to let all those bits and pieces accumulate over the years, but setting aside some time to sort through those piles of papers, little trinkets and other things you are no longer using will serve as the starting point for a better looking (and feeling) space. It's a simple one: out with all the mess.

2. go back to neutral

Whether it's changing the colour of your walls or clearing away the clutter of knick-knacks around your home, sometimes re-setting things to a 'neutral' position can give you the breathing space you need in your home. It's simple, but dramatic enough to make you feel like you've done something in your home without spending too much money, especially after the expensive festive season.

3. spend time enjoying your space

If you know that parts or all of your home need to be tweaked, but you're not sure what it is you want to do, then spend time in it. The more you do that, the easier it will be to decide on how to alter it to suit your needs best. resolution600

4. organise your memories properly

It's a shame to ignore those drawers of old photos. Make it your mission this year to sort through old photographs, whether they're in that drawer or sitting on your computer's hard drive. Pull out the ones you most love and create those albums or frames you've been promising to fill for years.

5. craft a more curated home

Don't let sentimentality overtake your home. This is not to say that you shouldn't have mementos here and there, but they should be ones that you truly love, not just items, frames and images that are there because they were given as gifts and you feel obliged to leave them on display. This is the moment of truth for both you and your home decor: what do you truly want to display and what is not really going to fit in?

6. don't spend money without a vision

While it's absolutely necessary to go with your gut most of the time, it's important that you do that with a reasonable idea of what will work in your space. For example, it's no good buying a wingback by Tom Dixon because you like it if you can't imagine it in your home.

7. don't let the little things slip

A ceiling that needs a lick of paint and grouting that's started to crumble seem like small things, but getting them back in shape and generally keeping your home neat and tidy will make a world of difference to how your space ultimately pulls together. We often convince ourselves that we need to save up to re-do a whole area or room in our home, but this can lead to doing absolutely nothing at all. Don't let that happen - keep your home in good shape right up until the day that you can afford those pricey renovations.

8. trust your instinct more often

This one seems like an easy resolution to make, but in reality, we second-guess our own tastes more than we might realise.  Vow to choose the stuff that you love most rather than worrying too much about what the latest trend is this year. You'll be surprised by how effective this attitude is at creating that 'curated' home we mention above.

9. get your hands dirty

The DIY movement isn't just a booming business because it can save you money.  Painting a room yourself, putting up a shelf or even just re-arranging the furniture is a great way to distract your busy mind from all the other things that might be nagging at you and to feel a satisfying sense of accomplishment. gardening

10. start a veggie garden

Speaking of which, 2016 is the year to follow through with your threats to try your hand at gardening. Whether you live on a sprawling plot with oodles of space or in a mini-apartment, you can grow at least some of your own food. Not only will it mean being able to brag at your dinner parties ('I grew those myself'), but it will also do wonders for your own sense of well-being. This is how to tend a tiny garden.

11. plant only water-wise flora

With countrywide water restrictions, it's no secret that water is a precious resource that we need to conserve. So, make your own garden water wise by planting greenery that is drought resistant, minimising the amount of grass you need to water and even installing your own water tanks or drilling for a borehole. What are some of the home resolutions you've set yourself? Share them with us on our Facebook page.