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10 African Safaris

Pippa Hetherington; Micky Hoyle; Jac De Villiers; Gemma Bedforth; David Ross; Nic Stanbridge; Aubrey Jonsson; Amanda Bloch

What better way to spend a holiday than in a 4x4 on a rugged landscape searching for the 'Big 5'? Here are 10 HL safari moments celebrating the great outdoors: 1. The quiet of the open bushveld is an enchanting getaway opportunity. Safari-1-pippa-hetherington--november-2010   2. A watering hole at dusk or dawn holds the promise of brilliant sightings. Safari-2-supplied---jan-feb-2014   3. Some much-needed down time. Safari-3-micky-hoyle---august-2013   4. A pride of lions is a majestic and incredibly auspicious find. Safari-4-supplied---september-2014   5. These rolling dunes offer the amazing perspective of how infinite nature can be. Safari-5-jac-de-villiers-April-2011   6. Parking off for an opportunity to take in the sweeping vistas. Safari-6-june-2013---gemma-bedforth   7. Bright and early and ready to go! Safari-7june-2009---david-ross   8. A shady spot is always a welcome relief while in the bush.  Safari-8-nic--stanbridge---september-2014   9. Binoculars are a MUST have for spotting smaller critters, animals further away and birdlife. Safari-9-Aubrey-jonsson-december-2013   10. Experiencing the African Savanna as a family is a truly unforgettable moment. Safari-10-amanda-bloch---october-2013