The best spots in Joburg according to this professional tourguide


A Joburg Tour Guide's Insider Tips for the city, from tour guide Jo Buitendach

Did you know that Joburg has a Little Ethiopia district and that Mars is, in fact, a prolific local graffiti artist? If not, we'd like to introduce you to Jo Buitendach. A registered tour guide, Jo's company, Past Experiences facilitates tours through Joburg's gritty, hip inner-city and if you've yet to join one, you've been missing out. Jo is young, dynamic and a passionate ambassador for Joburg, and her tours range from exploring downtown shopping spots to walking tours of the public art and graffiti adorning the city. We asked her for her Joburg Tour Guide's Insider Tips to the city of gold.

Joburg's best Coffee Spots

There are so many great coffee shops in the Joburg Inner City, but one of my favorites is Craft Coffee in Newtown. They have a great location in the industrial part of Newtown, the staff are the best and are so passionate about coffee and roasting (which they do at the shop). The iced coffee with a shaving of orange rind is addictive.

Joburg's best Furniture Finds

I am mid-century modern mad, and one of my best spots to browse is Re-Trend in Linden. They have the most amazing furniture and I just want to buy everything.

Joburg's best foodie spots

Image credit: Urbanologi


For a special occasion, I love the food and craft beer at Urbanologi/Mad Giant Brewery. The Asian style tapas are to die for, and the beer is great too. They also offer a really interesting brewery tour so that you can learn about beer, while drinking it.

Joburg's best street art

One of my favourite things about Joburg, especially the city centre, is the amazing graffiti and street art. I am a huge fan of any art outside, as I really believe everyone should have access to art. Joburg is a city full of amazing art on walls, which is something so special about the city. The artists who are working in Joburg are so talented and we are lucky to have them, leave their mark on our city.

Joburg's best projects

Image credit: iwasshot in joburg


One of my favourite organisations in Johannesburg is iwasshot In Joburg. They are the most special group of people who love the city and try improve it daily. If you aren't familiar with iwasshot In Joburg; it's a project that works with young men who formerly lived on the streets. They take the most amazing, gritty, beautiful Johannesburg photos and make some great recycled items which they sell in their shop in Maboneng.

Joburg's best neighbourhoods

There are so many cool things happening in the east side of Joburg city. I love the New Doornfontein area and often pop in for a coffee or lunch at Treviso Cafe which has the most amazing view over the city, and then head across the road to Piece, who sell local jewellery and craft. Its also definitely worth stopping at Victoria Yards, a new development in Bertrams/Lorentzville which has some great artists studios and the Impi Brewery. For information on Jo's upcoming tours, follow @pastexperiences on Instagram or visit