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body of work: lucie de moyencourt

Micky Hoyle
Bold, detailed and diverse. The artworks of Lucie de Moyencourt have gained her a strong following – and for good reason.

Armed with pen and ink everywhere she goes, this fearless Cape Town-based painter and illustrator creates dreamy, much-coveted figurative drawings and paintings. She sat down with us to give us insights into her world. 


I follow my nose in all my work. My intuition and instinct drive the direction. My ideas come quickly at the beginning of a commission or project, but it is my nose that makes the final choice. I have come to trust and depend on these feelings.


I always, always, always wear red lips. 

lucie de moyencourt


Is it beautiful? Is it funny? If it is neither of these things, is it worth putting out into the world? My eyes are my judgment call. They are the two little judges my work needs to impress to make it out of my studio and not be trashed or repainted.


I love playing songs on repeat for weeks and annihilate them one by one. Lately, I am listening to ‘I Love You’ by Woodkid. It is so beautiful. I cannot start work without playing it to get in the mood. I’m currently averaging on five plays per day.

lucie de moyencourtThe Beach, illustrated by Lucie de Moyencourt


I wish I had dreams or rather, I wish I could remember them. Perhaps this is why I struggle with abstraction and am a firm figurative painter. When I sleep, I’m like a brick. Out. Nothing. I do love to exercise my imagination with cartoons and mini-animations for social media. You can see my imagination gone wild on my Instagram account.


I have short square fingers with permanently short nails and marks of paint and ink. I try not to attract any attention to these areas with unnecessary jewellery. My hands are arguably the least attractive part of my body, so I put them to hard work every day. They are essential to my creativity.

lucie de moyencourt


My feet are my backup, waiting in the wings, for if my hands no longer function and cannot create anymore, then feet, it’s up to you! Right now though, my feet are taking it easy.


Off we go. I love being an artist on the move and have cultivated a tiny kit of essentials that allow me to pull out pen and ink anywhere: on a train, in a restaurant with fancy white linen… nothing scares me. I want to go out there and travel and draw everything I see. 

To see more of Lucie's work, get our April 2018 issue on the shelves. Follow her work on Instagram.