again & again – excellence and inspiration in perpetuity

In a unique collaboration, Sanlam Private Wealth has partnered with a new generation of creators, taking select pieces from the vast Sanlam art collection on a journey into the future by reinterpreting them in new, unique ways. They’ve called this journey ‘Again and Again – Inspiration and Excellence in Perpetuity’.

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This journey is a visual representation of the important aim both the worlds of art and wealth management have in common – to craft something meaningful and of real value that lasts for generations to come. And it echoes Sanlam Private Wealth’s own promise: Your wealth. Our craft. Michael Chandler – a multi-disciplined creator and illustrator who works in a variety of mediums, including ceramics, paper and print – was the first to reimagine Ndikhumbule Ngqinambi’s mesmerising piece, Walk of Numbers, which depicts the human journey from physical steps taken to the people, experiences, challenges and milestones in Ndikhumbule’s own life en route to his future. Michael’s reinterpretation is a spellbinding six-metre-long illustration in cobalt inks which recalls the minutely detailed decoration of Oriental porcelain pieces found in the Cape since the 16th century. Watch the full Again & Again story and follow Michael’s journey by visiting