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Pretty Up Your Patio

Graeme Wyllie

Now that the balmy season has officially arrived, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about re-imagining your outdoor spaces. Our former Decor Stylist Heather Boting recently revamped a staid patio and turned it into an attractive shaded retreat. Here she talks about the update and offers some advice on the topic. Why did you feel the patio needed a revamp? Outdoor entertaining in South Africa is such a pleasure with the fantastic weather we have, so why not extend our beautiful interiors outside? I also thought that this would be a great revamp to demonstrate that not all renovations need to be structural. All that the patio needed was some love and attention. Why did you choose the accessories, fabrics and colours that you did? This apartment is based in a complex, so there wasn’t much freedom to paint and change the exteriors. For this reason, I stuck to the neutral colour palette of the walls and opted for a charcoal outdoor fabric on the sofa to complement the woven rattan. Hertex have a wonderful selection of outdoor rugs, so I chose one with a similar charcoal colour and an interesting pattern to liven up the floor. I like a modern ethnic decor aesthetic, so I added items such as the shields and mud cloth cushions and this instantly converted the patio into an African-chic space. Modern side tables from @home were the perfect size so guests can still move freely around the patio. Overall, I kept the colour palette quiet, calm and neutral and added pops of colour through towels and outdoor crockery and cutlery. PatioBeforeAfter Are there important factors people should consider when choosing fabrics for patios? The South African sun is extremely harsh on our furniture, so it is very important to choose the correct fabric. But before you rush off to the fabric houses, have a look at your space and assess what you'll need from your outdoor material. Once you’ve made decisions on issues like whether the fabric is going to be outside unprotected or under a roof, ask yourself the following questions where applicable before purchasing: Is the fabric fade resistant? Is it mould and mildew resistant? Is it waterproof? Has it got UV blockers? Is it stain resistant? Is it permeable and breathable? Most importantly, is it machine washable or must it be hand-washed only? Why is it a good idea to add an awning to a patio if there isn’t one there already? An awning is possibly the best addition you could install on a patio. Having an awning means you extend the shade, so you can enjoy sitting outside and entertaining your guests right up until the sun sets. Otherwise, the heat would be too unbearable to stay out there for a long period of time. PatioAwning Why should homeowners think about investing in a patio makeover in the first place? If you enjoy your outdoor space and like the idea of extending your living room outside, then a patio makeover is highly recommended so that it also looks and feels like home. What tips do you have for people who want to refurbish their verandah? My top tips would be:

  • Choose good quality outdoor fabric so that it lasts a lifetime.
  • Add some fun accessories, like cushions, beach towels and wall art, to complete your look. These items don't need to be expensive, so you can easily change them to suit the seasons.
  • Make sure the terrace is protected from the sun. If you don’t want to invest in a permanent shade solution, then just purchase a patio umbrella that you can move and fold down when the sun is not out.
  • Add an outdoor rug as this grounds your patio and makes it feel like an extension of your living room.
  • Finally, always remember your sunblock while you’re outside.
Take a look at page 28 of our December 2015 issue to get a list of the products used in this makeover along with their prices.