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#HLHereNow: All About Our New Look

Discover the #HLHereNow with House and Leisure's new look and feel, as seen across our digital platforms and from our May/June 2019 magazine.

Margarida Pereira, Judd van Rensburg, Micky Hoyle, Ben Grib, Garreth van Niekerk, Lady Bonin Facebook,

It’s here! Welcome to the revamped and refreshed House and Leisure. Our motto is super simple – we are all about the #HLHereNow, bringing you homes and decor content that reflect the current zeitgeist.

In today’s fast-moving age of digitalisation and innovation, media brands around the world have been taking steps to set themselves apart from the pack. House and Leisure is one such brand. Having always prided ourselves on reflecting the #HLHereNow in the realms of decor, art, design and lifestyle across multiple channels – including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, online and print – we've relooked our brand aesthetic to bring you what you love most about House and Leisure in a renewed and refreshed format.

The aim was to rework our identity to reflect our evolution as a brand – and it was clear that the inspiration for our new direction lay in the ‘O’ in our name. What essentially is a circle has been reimagined as a lens that speaks to our process of editing and curating outstanding content, bringing the #HLHereNow to you, our audience. The new tagline, Here/Now, reflects our firm grasp of local and global decor-design, culture and lifestyle trends, reinforcing the fact that House and Leisure is the authority for all forward-thinking South Africans who value creativity and innovation.

Inspired by #HLHereNow, the House and Leisure team shares their favourite ‘O’ below.

Tiaan Nagel, Editor

#HLHereNow | Anish Kapoor | House and Leisure

'I have always been a little obsessed with Indian-born British sculptor Anish Kapoor’s artworks. The first living artist to ever show at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, Kapoor creates pieces that often dwarf the viewer – monumental red pigment sculptures or slabs of limestone stacked to question material or space. But, what really moves me, is when these round forms find their way into homes, to see how they interact with everyday objects and how they ‘calm’ a room – almost instantly creating a deafening silence.' 

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Robyn Alexander, Deputy and Online Editor

#HLHereNow | House and Leisure

'We published a story about this architectural gem of a home in Bloemfontein in our June 2018 issue, and the house has stayed ever-present in my mind since. Its design is just so subtle and carefully thought through. The acclaimed South African architect Barend Britz (1936-2013) created the home for himself and his wife Almud in 1998, and one of my favourite spaces in it is this study area and its porthole-style window, which both adds to the clever way that light comes into the house’s interiors and reflects the shape of the barrel-vaulted roof. I love circular windows in general, but this one is particularly special.'

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Gemma Bedforth, Art Editor

#HLHereNow | Ben Grib Circle of Life | House and Leisure#HLHereNow | Ben Grib Circle of Life | House and Leisure

'I love this poster by Ben Grib: firstly because I find it an extremely graphic piece of work, secondly because the concept makes me very happy. But most importantly, throughout the #HLHereNow rebranding process, I’ve constantly dreamt (and sometimes nightmared) about any and everything round… much like in my graduate year where I honestly once tried to clone-stamp myself into another dream, and command-alted my imaginary arrival at a job interview without undies on. Throughout this process, I’ve found the poster a source of inspiration and humour, whilst also very much appreciating the therapeutic effect it had on me in my few moments of near hysteria.’

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Chrizanda Botha, Decor Editor

'If I could, may I please have one large brass Atollo lamp by Vico Magistretti, as seen in our #HLMyJoburg creatives campaign? This iconic lamp – designed in the '70s, and used by interior designer Mumtaz Dasoo in her production for that issue – is still as current today as it was then. This perfectly expresses how well-designed pieces stand the test of time, reflecting our new tagline #HLHereNow.'

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Garreth van Niekerk, Senior Story Editor

#HLHereNow Spiral Staircase | House and Leisure

'A spiral staircase creates the most extraordinary visual perspective in a building and, as architects across centuries and continents have shown, always makes for a moment of magic. One of the most impressive ones I've ever experienced was the famous Bramante, or Simonetti, staircase in the Vatican, which just seemed to go on forever. The double-helix design means people ascending the staircase won’t bump into people descending – a practical plan to improve traffic in and out of the building, but also just a total visual spectacle that is almost as beautiful to walk as it is to admire.'

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Annzra Denita, Digital Content Producer

#HLHereNow | Lady Bonin Tea | House and Leisure

'Nothing fills me with more joy than a perfectly placed teacup filled with steaming-hot exotic tea.'

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Karen Tennent, Managing and Copy Editor

'I've always loved rounded edges and organic curves in furniture, and Norwegian designer Peter Opsvik takes the circular concept a step further with his Globe Garden chair. Much like the reconceptualised #HLHereNow offering, Opsvik adapted his original iconic Garden chair (which he designed in 1985) and created a new and improved chair suited to today's need for ergonomically sound seating solutions. Upholstered globes combine with a beech-laminate structure in a 1.7m-high piece of furniture that doubles up as an attractive design element.'

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#HLHere Now | Peter Opsvik Garden Chair | House and Leisure#HLHere Now | Peter Opsvik Garden Chair | House and Leisure