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bespoke luxury kitchen designs from bulthaup

'Form following function' is one of bulthaup's key mottos, and it is this practical approach that inspires their beautifully modern, minimal and meticulous kitchen systems. From matte aluminium to ancient timber, the use of authentic materials gives their kitchens a unique appeal. At the same time, bulthaup understands the importance of having a space where people can come together to connect, relax and feel at home, and this informs all of their design choices. With three versatile collections, bulthaup gives customers the freedom to create spaces that suit their specific needs. The b1 kitchen system is a pure design that eschews handles to focus on the essentials, while the b2 kitchen system offers a range of stand-alone pieces to help turn your kitchen into a workshop. Lastly, the b3 kitchen system includes a multi-functional wall system that lets clients express their individuality. Find out more about these three custom kitchen systems, here. At the heart of any kitchen is the table, a piece that invites people to gather and spend valuable time with loved ones – and bulthaup has plenty of options. With its precise finish and traditional craftsmanship, the c2 table looks almost sculptural, appearing to be made from a single mould. The c3 table is light and easy on the eye, with a c3 bench designed to complement it. Available in two versions, the bench can either be floor-standing or floating, fixed to a wall. bulthaup table While they’re known for their all-encompassing kitchen collections, bulthaup also offers solutions in the form of accessories and stand-alone pieces. Visit for more information. Save Save