Evolve Architects shares three of its top projects

South African architecture firm Evolve Architects is led by Kevin Els and Nick Brits, who share a desire to innovate through design and technology. For this duo, the most important aspect of architecture is making a meaningful difference in the lives of their clients, the communities they touch and the environment within which they operate. 'By designing functional, practical spaces that are beautiful to look at, architecture can enhance the lives of those who behold and experience it,' says Brits, who takes us through three of Evolve's top projects to date.

panama house, inner city johannesburg

Evolve was asked to give new life to two adjoining, derelict buildings. They were renovated and repurposed to be a mixed-use development by the client, providing safe, affordable and well-designed living, retail and recreation spaces. This was part of an inner-city renewal initiative that we consider to be of great value to Johannesburg residents. We designed the new facade for the building, making it feel contemporary and urban. For the recreation spaces, we incorporated a rooftop garden and children's play area. The idea was to create a sense of community in a modern, functional space that would improve the quality of life of its inhabitants.

House Pringle, Hermanus

evolve architects This was a very exciting project for the company because it allowed us to unleash our creativity with very few limitations. It's not often that a client places so much trust in their architect, but with this project, Evolve was given free rein over the aesthetic and special design aspects of the home – and the result really paid off. Designed and project managed by Evolve Architects, this is a truly special home with real 'wow' factor, while still meeting the family's practical needs.

house soonder, steyn city

This is a home that is currently under construction at Steyn City in Johannesburg. We really enjoyed sinking our teeth into this project because of the creative freedom, once again, that the clients gave us. At Evolve it's important for use to guide the design process based on a well-defined brief, and to gain a client's trust is a big part of maintaining a good working relationship. All in all, this is a project we believe ticks all the right boxes.