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Back at the beginning of the year, we predicted that a major trend for 2015 would be the appearance of optical motifs on everything from ceramics to textiles. So the new ‘I See You’ duvet cover and pillowcase set by Zana is not just super cute but also very in-vogue. Designed exclusively for Superbalist.com, the quirky be
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The value of a good night’s sleep is indisputable and your choice in mattress plays a pivotal role in your waking up feeling refreshed and well-rested. We ask Dustin Scholtz, Merchandise Executive at Dial-a-Bed, to give us some pointers when it comes to picking out the right mattress: 1. Why is a good quality mattress so important? Very few consumers consider the fact that we spend on average of eight hours a day (a third of our life!) asleep on our mattress. We spend more time on our mattress than on our couches or even in our cars. A good quality mattress is considered to be one of the most important purchases