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Raise the Roof

Micky Hoyle

What most attracted couple Craig and Roxanne Denbury to the Newlands house they now live in was the fact that there was a cottage linked to the main house by a courtyard. But when their family expanded and they started to need more space, it was decided that they would better connect the two buildings to essentially create one lovely abode and improve flow throughout the house. before600 The biggest challenge, though, was to eliminate the difference in height of the eaves of the two wings. To line up the roof of the one side with the rest of the house, the builder cleverly raised it by disconnecting the roof from the walls, propping the structure up on scaffolding and raising the roof incrementally by adding the required number of brick courses. raise-the-roof-livingroom It was a solution that really ups the ante in the realm of renovations. raise-the-roof-hallway See the full renovation of all parts of the house in our July 2015 issue.