6 ways to transform your bathroom
Get inspiration from the beautiful reader bathroom renovations featured in our Before & After issue
behind the scenes of a bathroom renovation
Geberit reveals a stripped down bathroom during renovation
Blend Bathroom Space
Be inspired by this home makeover's smart fusion of a bathtub and shower
Save water with this sink
Make the most of your household's grey water
Refresh Your Bathroom
Our #HLMakeover expert talks bathroom renovations
HL Decor Editor Leana Schoeman was recently tasked with helping to breath new life into an old outdated bathroom. We chat to her about the makeover and ask her to offer insights for anyone looking to do the same in their own house. What was the inspiration behind this bathroom makeover? The bathroom was really crummy and outdate
Warm & Cosy Bathrooms
'How do I add heat to my bathroom during winter?'
Metro-Style Bathrooms
'How do I create a bold black and white bathroom?'
HL chatted to Bathroom Bizarre’s Jasmin Kraneveldt, who explains how you can achieve a timeless and elegant New York metro-style look in your space. Tell us more about metro-style… The look is ageless and classic, with strong undertones of bold creativity and decadent glamour.  What’s more, the metro-style bathroom is not too difficult to achieve and it’s ideal for either small or large bathroom spaces. It can be easily tweaked to suit both modern and traditional homes. Why are black and white bathrooms becoming so popular? White is a clean, bright colour, while black is sleek and bold. Put the two together