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7 Big Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Ah the bathroom, such an intimate and personal space. For some, the bathroom is the most important room in a house and infinite detail has gone into making it a sanctuary to relax, unwind and be with oneself.  No matter the size, it's important to have order and comfort. Get inspired by our list of small bathrooms made beautiful. 1. Arrange for elegance using contemporary toilets, baths and sinks designed for small spaces. We also love the mosaic wall that has a set-back shelf for extra storage. bath-ideas-copy image credit:   2. The white walls and floors, vaulted ceiling with delicate chandelier and Persian rug gives this traditional bathroom a crisp feel.  Brian-Patterson-Designs-white-bathroom-copy image credit:   3.  Experimenting with different levels and layers helps define space in this small bathroom.  small-bathroom-layered image credit:   4.  This tiny guest bathroom in the passage keeps it vintage and stylish with its board paneling and pedestal sink. The pedestal sink is practically designed for small spaces as it doesn’t take up valuable space at your feet. Small-Bathroom-2-copy image credit:   5. Just because you have a small bathroom doesn’t mean you can’t spend a whole night in your bathtub reading your favourite issue of House and Leisure. This Victorian bath uses a nickel faucet and a bathtub tray to hold everything you need to get comfortable. Small-Bathroom-8-copy image credit:   6. Make the most of an A-frame ceiling by creating a shelf or cupboards for storage. Adding little bits of colour can also make your bathroom feel fresh. small-bathroom-designs-copy image credit:   7. We love the clever use of décor in this small but tall bathroom. The white tiles add style and space, and the towel basket is a great storage idea. design-ideas-for-small-bathrooms-copy image credit:   Bubbling with ideas? Add to your mood board with this list of bathrooms that have been created with stunning vistas in mind.