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Dis-chem's DIY Hand Sanitiser

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make your own hand sanitiser at home with a few ingredients to keep your hands clean.


If stores near you are out of stock, don't worry, it's easy to mix up some homemade hand sanitiser using a couple of simple ingredients. Following these steps, you can whip up a big batch of DIY hand sanitiser in seconds. 

Martin Bester from Jacaranda FM chatted to Lizeth Kruger, Dis-Chem clinics manager, to find out how to make hand sanitiser at home. 

When it comes to making hand sanitiser, it is important to have some sort of alcohol in it. Lizeth says that Dis-Chem uses Medicolab Ethanol (alcohol) 90% BP, vitamin E tea-tree oil and essential oils in their sanitisers. She then demonstrated how to make a sanitiser in the Jacaranda studio. See the recipe below. 


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  • Alcohol (at least 60% ratio of alcohol to other ingredients)
  • Aloe vera 
  • Tea-tree oil (for fragrance) 



Mix one part aloe vera with two parts alcohol and a few drops of tea-tree oil. 



Source: This post was originally seen on Good Housekeeping