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Why Design Indaba's Nightscape 2020 Is A Must-Attend

Design Indaba's vibrant Nightscape will light up the Artscape Piazza from 26 - 28 February with live performances, interactive showcases and more. 

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Design Indaba


Design Indaba's vibrant Nightscape will light up the Artscape Piazza from 26 - 28 February with live performances, interactive shows and more. The event, which is Design Indaba's public festival, will take place every day of the festival from 4pm onwards with a line-up of unique events for the public including live music, interactive performances and more once-in-a-lifetime experiences centred around design and creativity. 


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Five reasons to head to Nightscape 2020 


Turn old clothes into masterpieces of art 

Nightscape will feature one of the world's most talented silkscreen artists, Patrick Thomas. Bring along your old t-shirts and a creative idea for a new design and head to Thomas's screen-printing station to repurpose your old item into something extraordinary. 



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In the spirit of collaboration Nightscape will host Open Collab, a programme pioneered by renowned artist Patrick Thomas, who will also be running the screen-printing station. As part of his programme, Thomas will work with graphic designers to co-create new work. Open Collab will be hosted at local design schools during Design Indaba. 

Some of the pieces will be selected from the workshops and exhibited at the festival to celebrate the launch of Open Collab 2. 



Up-close with the rising stars of design 

Design Indaba, as part of its Nightscape programme, annually hosts the Emerging Creatives Platform where a number of budding creatives are choosen by an esteemed panel and given the opportunity to exhibit their work. This year's expert panel of curators for the showcase includes Crystal Birch, Siyanda Mbele and Mokena Kobeli. 


A design-focused podcast 

Debbie Millman has interviewed some of the most brilliant minds in design on her podcast, Design Matters, including the likes of Malcom Gladwell and Seth Godin, and as part of this year's programme she will be hosting a live podcast from Design Indaba. 

To attend the recording purchase Nightscape tickets from Webtickets and book your seats as space is limited. 



An opportunity to learn 

Leaders in a number of industries will be sharing insight into their professions including South Africa's Michelin star chef, Jan Hendrik Van Der Westhuizen, trend forecaster, Li Edelkoort, and music video director, Motion Billy. As a Masterclass session, attendees will be given the chance to learn first-hand what it takes to work in these industries and how to hone their skills. 

Seats for the Masterclasses should be booked in advance after purchasing a Nightscape ticket



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