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Lunetta Bartz Joins The Trenery Guild

Bespoke book binder and designer Lunetta Bartz is the 10th person to join the Trenery Guild, a series of collaborations with leading SA creatives.


Lunetta Bartz | House and Leisure

Based in Johannesburg, Lunetta Bartz is known for her distinctive talent in hand-binding beautiful books.

As part of her collaboration with Trenery, the well-known fashion brand, Bartz has created a bespoke journal, handbound in grey linen and using 100% recycled Cyclus Offset paper. 

Says Bartz of her creation of hand-bound books: 'Book binding is about detail, very much like interior design, just in a much smaller format.'

And when it comes to this particular project, she sayd, 'Every detail [has been] highly considered in order to evoke a sensory experience and interaction with this uniquely bound paper journal.' 

This Trenery Guild collaboration with Bartz was prompted by the fashion label's new collection, which focuses on a sense of awakening and mindfulness. The concept of a journal relates to the focus of the new collection as it reflects the art of being present and mindfulness that comes from the context that you find yourself in. 

Lunetta Bartz | House and Leisure

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With a trained eye for aesthetic beauty paired with an understanding of functionality, Lunetta Bartz produces books that have their own unique character and backstory.

'That's my love for books. I know everyone types on cpmputers [these days], but nothing is physically left any more. With books the trace is there; they are a very special way of holding knowledge – so they may as well be beautiful,' she says. 

Trenery's head of design, Jane Grimme, says of the collaboration between Trenery and Bartz: 'We are very excited to be parterning with Lunetta Bartz. Lunetta is passionate about the detailed craftsmanship of bookbinding and it has been a privilege to see how closely her process aligns with Trenery's values.' 

Lunetta Bartz | House and Leisure

Bartz's unique journal will be available exclusively at the Trenery store located at Hyde Park Shopping Centre in Johannesburg, where it will form a limited-edition gift with purchase to qualifying customers. 

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Lunetta Bartz | House and Leisure

The Trenery Guild launched in 2018 and partners with some of South Africa's most prominent artists and creatives.

The collaboration asks each artist to interpret and celebrate the brand's essence and anchors, which focus on premium quality, fabrication and craftsmanship. The activations of the collaborations have included exhibitions, in-depth talks and a variety of sensory journeys. 

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