3 Things To See at Investec Cape Town Art Fair 2019

If you only have a few hours at this year's Investec Cape Town Art Fair, then you can't miss these three things, including Ed Young's bold new work.


While we would all love to spend two days strolling around the Investec Cape Town Art Fair 2019, sometimes it’s just not possible to give so much time to one event. So, in the interest of maximising your experience, we have carefully identified three (yes, only three!) things you absolutely have to see at this year's fair.

1. Ed Young at the Unframed Section of Investec Cape Town Art Fair

As its name implies, the Unframed section of the Investec Cape Town Art Fair takes art out of the box and into the realm of installations and more experimental works. This year, we’re really looking forward to seeing local satirist Ed Young once again poke fun at the world in his performative video installation, presented by SMAC Gallery. You also shouldn’t miss the video room showing works by French film director Clément Cogitore and US artist Borna Sammak, by A4 Arts Foundation. 

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2. The Solo Section of Investec Cape Town Art Fair

If you are ready to fall head first into the pixelated world of digital art, you need to spend a little time exploring the fair's Solo section. There’s going to be fantastic solo presentations by some of Africa's most exciting digital practitioners, like Ibrahim Mahama, as well as a whole bunch of local digital wizards such as Tabita Rezaire at Goodman Gallery and Sitaara Stodel at Smith Studio. 

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3. The Investec Cape Town Art Fair's Tomorrows/Today Prize

The announcement of the winner of the annual Investec Cape Town Art Fair Tomorrows/ Today Prize is highly anticipated, so be  sure you check out the showcase of the nominees so you can say you saw them before they became award-winning artists. Last year's winner Usha Seejarim has a major work at the Lizamore & Associates sculpture garden, which you can read more about here

But if you really want to make the most of your Investec Cape Town Art Fair experience - and because the fair is generally overwhelming for anyone - do as the journalists do and sign up for a walkabout session with one of the fair’s highly knowledgeable guides. They know a lot, can answer all of your questions and, best of all, offer their expertise completely free of charge. There are two sessions every day – one at 1pm and another at 3pm – but they fill up quick, so get there early. 

As well as the Investec Cape Town Art Fair, there is a lot happening in the city right now, so here's a handy guide to the art exhibitions to see in Cape Town this February.    

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'Inner Fire Bowdown' (2016) by Tabita Rezaire at Goodman Gallery.