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Inside Tom Dixon's New London Bar


Tom Dixon's latest restaurant design, Bronte, is at once contemporary and rich in British historical references, being inspired by the notion of Victorian-era exploration. The new dining space is situated on The Strand in London, overlooking Trafalgar Square and the Duke of Bronte statue that stands on Nelson's Column in the middle of this public arena. Dixon worked closely with his practice, Design Research Studio, to create an eclectic space that immerses guests in a nostalgic but ultra-luxe atmosphere that features both powerful examples of cutting-edge design and cabinets of curiosities that take their cue from 16th-century natural history collections. TD-Bronte-pewter-bar The key design highlights of this beautiful space include a pewter cocktail bar, green granite kitchen, pink concrete breakfast bar and emerald-green leather seating booths. The surrounding walls have been left neutral so that the furnishings remain the main attraction. Dixon has used his own custom-designed furniture and the Fade, Curve and Plane Wall lighting features for the multi-part space. The use of leather, granite, zinc, gold and concrete add a tactile element to the restaurant, and true to Dixon's style, the aesthetic is clean with plenty space and natural light (even the displays of treasures don't make it feel cluttered). TD-Bronte-breakfast-bar The mix of furniture and lighting and the use of bright green and soft pink make Bronte the sort of restaurant that can be enjoyed at any time of the day, from morning to night, and the combination of arresting interiors and international cuisine make it ideal for both design and food enthusiasts. TD_Bronte-kitchen Find out more at Save Save Save Save Save Save