News and Trends

News and Trends
The future is female
Migration to Cape Town’s V&A Silo district is being led by pioneering women whose innovative offerings are setting the scene for a new vision
5 reasons to dive into House and Leisure’s black-and-white issue
From glam overhauls to black-on-black interiors and modern, moody design, take a look inside the new #HLBWIssue
Two young designers unveil their Nando’s Co-Lab project
Candice Lawrence and Tulsha Booysen have combined their talents to create a new range of lights
Atang Tshikare collaborates with local weavers
For his latest exhibition, Oa Mpona, the artist has worked with women weavers in Lesotho to revive an age-old tradition
Itjhebe The latest project by multidisciplinary artist and designer Atang Tshikare sees him collaborating with weavers in Lesotho to revive an old tradition. Since creating fantastical animals for Design Miami 2016, he’s established himself as one of the freshest creative voices on the African continent, and shows no sig
Getting to know the Blomboy
Talking blooms, personal aesthetic and future plans with Alwijn Burger
The Guild Group opens GUILD, a flagship design destination in the Silo District
The new design-packed venue features a gallery, a concept store and an in-house studio
Top South African designers hard at work on the Seed to Seat project
Seven local designers are working on fresh new seating options that will be revealed at 100% Design South Africa
A South African retail exhibition opens in Paris
The work of almost 40 South African designers is being showcased at the renowned Le BHV/Marais department store in Paris until 31 July
Exploring the human face through photography
The work of four South African fine-art photographers emphasises Edward Steichen’s belief that ‘a portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it'
From the earliest daguerreotype, the self has been a favoured subject of photographers, and portraits have fascinated us with their attempts to capture beauty, stature or transience. Photography democratised the process of seeing yourself as the concrete result of an artistic vision, and we’re still not tired of the results. At the heart of portraiture is the question of identity, and many South African artists turn the lens on others or themselves to unpack troubled histories, explore personal narratives or reconstruct realities. Here are some of our finest explorers of the ever-shifting landscape that is the human face