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Feastfox: bringing spontaneity back to dining out

Culture Club Cheese at 215 Bree Street, Cape Town.

Deciding to go out for dinner at the last minute often leaves you with limited options. If you haven't booked a table at one of your favourite restaurants the standard 48 hours in advance, there's a good chance you'll be calling the local delivery guy for your go-to takeout instead. However, things might be changing for those of us who prefer to live in the now. Feastfox is a brand-new, free mobile app that's launched in Cape Town to allow you to tap into your spontaneous side and eat out on a whim.

So, how does it work? When hunger strikes at the last minute, open up Feastfox and it will show you all the tables available in the city at any given moment. Then it's up to you to choose where you want to go and, just like that, the table is yours. So far the app has some of the most popular eateries in the Mother City on board, including Clarke’s, Culture Club Cheese, Nitro House and Reuben's.

On their choice of location, the app's co-founder, Cape Town local Stuart Murless says, ‘Although we have strong ties to South Africa, Feastfox is actually incorporated in the US and most of our advisors and investors are from Silicon Valley. We picked Cape Town because of the high concentration of incredible restaurants, the sophistication of the local dining-out scene and the openness to new, mobile solutions.’ While the team has launched in the Mother City, they do have plans to expand, with their sights set on the international scene. ‘Our long-term vision is a global, mobile marketplace that redefines the way people explore, book and enjoy spontaneous dining experiences.’

In addition to streamlining your dining-out experience, Feastfox is a great way to discover trendy new spots in and around the city. The areas the app covers include the CBD, the V&AWaterfront, Green Point, Sea Point, Gardens, Vredehoek and Tamboerskloof.

Download Feastfox for iOS here and for Android here.