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Best moments of Design Indaba


It’s an event that every design-loving individual should have on their calendar. With a line-up of some of the hottest international and local industry professionals, this year’s Indaba didn’t disappoint. Here are 13 of our favourite moments related to creativity, design and art: 1. NB Studios encouraged us to take risks to find that original and interesting design.

2. Thomas Chapman of Local Studio challenged us to rethink public spaces. His recent work at the Trevor Huddleston CR Memorial Centre in former Sophiatown, Johannesburg, sought to bring honour to the unsung struggle hero, with revered South African musician Bra Hugh Masekela getting up on stage to talk about the man himself. 

3. Young architect Clara Mar Hernandez Lopez talked about the need to regenerate existing buildings in order to implement truly sustainable architecture. She shared her watercolour sketches showing her idea to redesign a disused space in Copenhagen:  Clara-Mar-Hernandez-Lopez      

4. Kazuya Kawasaki from Keio University, Japan, spoke of speculative design using bio materials in fashion. He believes that biotech is the future of fashion. In one of his posts on tumblr, Kawasaki explains: 'Fibre development using a whole spectrum of organisms that can grow material. In order to explore how organisms like bacteria, yeast, fungi and algae could be harnessed to produce fabrics, I will make bio-garments from bio-materials produced by bacteria in a vat of liquid to produce bacterial cellulose - a material that has similar properties to leather.’

5. One of Francois Knoetze's Cape Mongo monsters joined in the festivities during lunch on Day Two:
One of @francknoetz's monsters comes to fraternise with the #di2016 delegates at lunch. #designindaba #art A video posted by House and Leisure (@houseandleisure) on

6. The ever-innovative Studio [D] Tale inspired with talks about their various incredible projects, including solutions for informal traders, semi-formalisation of informal transport systems and how to become eco-friendly coffee drinkers with their CupClub - a concept that seeks to solve the waste problem that is on-the-go coffee cups. Watch the video here:

7. Fred Gelli, founder of design agency Tátil, spoke of his team's amazing journey to creating the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics and Paralympic brand identity. rio

8. Architect Sou Fujimoto of Tokyo, Japan, wants to bring nature and architecture into one another by creating interaction between outside and inside. He talks of reacting to the local environment to create a comfortable and relevant structure. According to him, architecture shouldn’t have to impose its function on a space, but rather it should allow infinite function through its potential. soufujimoto600

9. Tony Gum spoke of being brave enough to put yourself out there, about using social media to learn what people like and about offering up a view of your world to others. mother

10. Vera du Pont wants to reduce the length of the process behind garment production by creating single-cut garments that you can drape over yourself. veradepont_popup_sequence

11. The moment that Laduma Ngxokolo accepted the prize for Most Beautiful Object in South Africa for the MaXhosa by Laduma shawl: Read about the label's collaboration with Chivas Regal.

12. Kenyan architect Christian Benimana of MASS Studio got a standing ovation for his talk about giving Africans a sense of purpose and empowerment by building schools and health centres for their communities using the materials at hand.  

13. Jaime Hayon of Hayon Studios told the audience that art is all about learning as you work on projects.

What Design Indaba 2016 moment was your favourite? Share it with us in the comments section below.