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Converge Talent

Adam Mays

The artistic journeys of Ross Symons (also known as White On Rice) and Si Maclennan may have run parallel until now, but in the new collaborative exhibition by these two, set to open on 7 April 2016 at the Red Bull Studios in Cape Town, their paths are converging. parallel2 The show, which is ironically titled PARALLEL, brings together the talents of the two local creatives - Si being an art director-come-illustrator and Ross a self-taught origami artist - to offer up a display of works that unite graphic art and sculpture, colour and form.

Ross started making waves in 2014 when he began posting pictures of his intricate origami creations on Instagram, and he's since gathered a massive following and caught the eye of a number of prestigious brands who've requested he do commissions, installations and stop motion animations for them. He was one of our Rising Stars in 2015 and has been lauded by CNN for the success he's achieved through social media. parallel4 As for Si, well he impressed in May 2015 with his highly successful debut solo show, Geometcentricity, which featured 10 hypnotic illustrations that pay homage to vibrant colour, geometric constructions and straight lines. So, you can just imagine the sort of magic the pair can create when working in the gap between their two separate disciplines. The result is something they describe as being 'part science, part human emotion', mixing an analytical, structured approach with a creative, colourful one. parallel3 To see the opening of the exhibition yourself, visit the Red Bull Studios on Bree Street in Cape Town at 6pm on 7 April during the First Thursdays event.