Green Living

eat green and choose fish sustainably
Choose fish sustainably and preserve our valuable marine environment
how to garden sustainably
Expert advice on how to garden sustainably by choosing water-efficient plants
A cup with a conscience
Meet the hippest reusable takeaway coffee cup on the market
5 Misconceptions about Green Homes
Architect Christiaan van Aswegen debunks some of the myths around sustainable buildings
Ride in an electric car
The UberGreen pilot project comes to Cape Town
Capetonians, if you're big on green living and have always wanted to drive in an all-electric vehicle, now is your time. The UberGreen pilot project that ran in Johannesburg between 9 May and 3 June 2016 is coming to Cape Town from 13 June to 18 July, giving locals the option to drive in the slick BMW i3 electric vehicle. The
Eat Your Utensils
Edible cutlery might be the future
Save water, make beer
Water conservation isn't the only action we can take
Fly Off The Grid
Meet SA's first solar-powered airport
A Tiny home shows Eco-style
This tiny prefab home is a lean, green-living machine
Plant an Autonomous Garden
Tips for creating a self-sufficient oasis
As satisfying as it is to have a sprawling garden at home, maintaining all that greenery can be incredibly time-consuming and labour-intensive, and there aren’t many people who have that many spare hours or even the skills required. One answer to this conundrum – aside from not having a garden at all – is to craft a backyard that doesn’t require a lot of input and maintenance and that doesn’t gobble up important resources, like your time and our precious water. Landscaper Deidre Causton of Inspirations, a Johannesburg-based company that offers a full-spectrum design service for outside spaces, suggests the