Festive Food by top chefs
We round up a few of our favourite Christmas recipes from world-renowned chefs
A Whisky cocktail for Summer
Enjoy the taste of summer with this cocktail recipe from Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky
Feeling fancy? Make this jelly ring with edible flowers
An enchanting dessert courtesy of South African floral design studio, Okasie
How to make Alice Toich’s dreamy lemon chiffon cake
Fine artist and baker extraordinaire, Alice Toich shares a special recipe for a summery cake
Strawberry, pepper and rose jam
A scrumptious recipe that combines summer fruits with pink and green peppercorns
Poached Persimmons with Kataifi
A Mediterranean-inspired dessert courtesy of chef Khanya Mzongwana
Mixed Tomato Salad with Szechuan-Pepper Cream
This delicious mix of tomato, basil and pine nuts is an especially festive starter
ingredients For the dressing ½t each salt and black pepper 2T sweet sherry vinegar 1T olive oil For the Szechuan cream 250g mascarpone cheese 2T Szechuan pepper, roughly ground 1T chilli flakes 1t sumac 10g mint leaves, roughly chopped 10g chives, roughly chopped 20g spring onion, roughly chopped
Asian Bento Box
Make a container of Japanese-inspired bites for your next midday meal
Beef Fillet with Gremolata
Less is always more, especially when serving a refreshing gremolata with seared beef
Prawn Aïoli Wraps, Veg Crisps And Friands
Need packed lunch inspiration? This ensemble balances sweet and savoury