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There are rugs and then there's art for your floor. The new collection that British fashion mogul Paul Smith has designed to celebrate 15 years of collaboration with The Rug Company is the latter. Marrying graphic shapes with considered colour combinations, the rugs are veritable design gems that reflect their creator’s penchant for a classic aesthetic punctuated by a bit of playfulness. Each of the six items in the range – there are four rugs, two runners and a cushion – are woven by hand using the finest wool and time-honoured techniques. The patterns that appear on the hand-knotted floor coverings are inspired by everything from the way light refracts when it passes through a glass prism to the abstract art technique of drip painting. While an angular aesthetic dominates almost all of the rugs, some feature more muted hues while others demand attention with bright, bold tones. So, you’re bound to find at least one that works perfectly with your space’s look and feel. Of course, as the rugs are statement pieces by an iconic designer, they are also the sort of buy you can craft a whole space around too. After all, like we said, they’re not just carpets; they’re woven art. PaulSmithinsitu The collection will be available from The Rug Company’s Bree Street showroom from January or February 2016.