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3 local Insta Artists

South Africa might be a far cry from New York, but that hasn't stopped three clever Cape Town artists from making their work known across the waters through the smart use of the social media platform Instagram. Origamist Ross Symons, miniaturist Lorraine Loots and embroidery artist Danielle Clough, who stitches artwork onto old tennis rackets and other found objects, have been lauded by CNN for their hefty combined Instagram following of 370 000.

pony Ross Symons's origami horse.

Each artist has been one of House and Leisure's Rising Stars in the past, with Ross featuring on our list in 2015 and Lorraine and Danielle both on the list in 2014.
Danielle Clough's Aloe racket. Danielle Clough's Aloe racket.

Thanks to their activity on Instagram, all three have seen international interest in their work. Lorraine exhibited 730 of her works in New York at the Three Kings Studio gallery last year, while Ross did a stock frame animation for Christian Dior’s tour from Paris to Tokyo and Danielle has created work for Converse. Their success is a lesson in how powerful social media can be in turning art into business.
lorraine Lorraine Loots's platypus.

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